pcprobWhat is Shoulder Impingment Syndrome?

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a common complain of shoulder pain, also known as swimmer’s shoulder, painful arc syndrome, thrower’s shoulder, supraspinatus syndrome.

Shoulder impingment happens when the rotator cuff tendons get trapped, inflammed, resulting in shoulder pain, weakness and loss of function.

Causes of Shoulder Impingement
– A trauma, accident or fall
– Shoulder instability or ligament laxity
– Weak Rotator Cuff muscles
– Poor posture
– Bone Spurs
– Wear and Tear of acromioclavicular (AC) joint (joint between scapula and collarbone)
– Overuse causing repetitive irritation of structures in shoulder joint, commonly seen in swimmers, throwers, racket players, and sports person

Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement
– Shoulder pain worsened when lifted above shoulder
– Swelling around shoulder joint
– Difficulty rolling or sleeping on painful side of shoulder
– Shoulder muscle weakness
– Loss of shoulder movement
– Popping or grinding sensation

Physiotherapy Treatment for Shoulder Impingement
Our therapist at heal360 Physioclinic will assess your condition and plan your treatment and rehabilitation exercises program to help you reduce pain, improve movement, strengthen rotator cuff muscles, and shoulder stability.
Treatments for Shoulder Impingement may include:
– Pain relief treatments such as ultrasound, shockwave therapy, electrical therapy
– Stretching exercises
– Progressive strengthening and stability exercises
– Postural Advice

Ourtherapist will guide you to a full recovery from shoulder impingement.

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