What is Trigger Points?

Trigger Points (also known as muscle knots, sore spots) are highly irritating pain and tightness on the muscles.

Trigger points are not the same as muscle spasm (violent contraction of whole muscle), or tender points, while trigger point is only a small part of muscle.

Trigger points are not the same as a strain or tear involves damage to muscle or tendon fibres.

What are likely causes of  Trigger Points?

Most of us may develop tight muscle bands in our muscles as we age, but some people have more than others.

Trigger points may develop following an acute muscle strain such as during a car accident, a fall, a sprain or fracture, or excessive or unusual exercise. Or following chronic overuse of the muscles used to maintain posture because of long hours, poor sitting posture, bad working or sleeping habits, or by repetitive work tasks.

Signs and Symptoms of Trigger Points

– Regional persistent pain

– Pressure on ‘knots’ which may feel hard, sensitive

– Limited free range of movement/ inflexibility

– Referred pain to other parts of body

How can Physiotherapy help in Trigger Points?

– Pain Relief treatments: ultrasound, electrical stimulation, TENS

– Trigger point release

– Deep tissue massage

Shockwave Therapy

– Kinesio taping

– Lifestyle modifications

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