Stiff neck
Stiff neck

What is Stiff Neck?

Stiff neck is a very common neck problem. In medical terms, also known as acute torticollis or wry neck.

Neck stiffness  refers to tightness on the neck when difficulty turning or moving head.

It could be a sign of secondary problem such as cervical slipped disc, facet joint problem, undiagnosed cervical fracture

What causes stiff neck?

– muscle spasm

– joints become jammed, locked or stuck

– awkward posture in sleep

– vigourous and sudden movement or injury

– prolonged activities such as slouching, poor posture during lifting

– excessive or repetitive neck movement

Common Signs and Symptoms of Stiff Neck?

– pain often one sided, sharp feeling

– unable to turn neck to one side

– pain located in the neck muscles or referred down to shoulder blades or upper back

 How can Physiotherapy treat Stiff Neck?

Physiotherapy treatment  will relieve pain and keep your neck moving as normally, so that you make a full recovery as soon as possible.

– Pain Relief/ Tissue repair Treatments: Ultrasound, TENS, heat therapy

– Manual traction

– Mobilisation of the joint/ Manipulation

– Trigger point release

– Soft tissue massage

– Active range of motion exercises

– Stretching exercises

– Exercises to improve flexibility, strength, posture and core stability

– Ergonomic advice/Postural care and correction

Your therapist at Physioclinic will ensure your treatment program is tailored to you to ensure you make the best possible recovery and continue to improve in the long term

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