Reparil Gel

Cost $20 (before GST)

Reparil Gel

Reparil Gel is a special preparation with a triple effect: it reduces swelling, has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves pain. Aescin in the form penetrating into the skin prevents accumulation of water in the tissue and alleviates tissue swelling. Local swelling, which causes the feeling of heaviness and pain from tension, is rapidly eased. Inflammatory processes are effectively suppressed. Diethylamine salicylate, a compound of salicylic acid, promotes its anti-inflammatory effect, it has an extraordinary deep and pain-relieving effect. Moreover, Reparil-Gel N has the following benefits: – it is transparent, it penetrates into the affected tissue quickly and thoroughly – it is not greasy, does not smudge, and that is why its use is especially pleasant and clean – it cools the painful area, protects the skin and it is very well tolerated also on a very sensitive areas of the skin.



Thermalgesic Cream




Cost: $20 (before GST)

Symtomatic relief of muscular pain, joint stiffness, body aches. Good for deep heat penetration

Non greasy.