I recently visited this clinic for my 2nd series of treatments. The first time was many years ago and for the same issue – low back pain. This time treatment was with Chloe and once again great help and advice to get rid of the problem. Great that they mix machines as well as manual methods to cure the problem.

Ben Wilkes


Initially, I decided to visit physio clinic because of severe pain in my upper back after lifting weights in gym, I also experience breathlessness at times and have difficulty in lifting my arms. I thought it was a strain. My therapist, Chloe has helped me to understand the roots of my problems, which is a deviation of my spine causing the muscle imbalance and work on my weak muscles. She’s patient in understanding my condition and explain what is actually happening with my back. I felt more relieved and my breathlessness has completely gone after a few sessions, thank you!

Nikolai Talanov


The whole session has been very beneficial to me. I have recovered from my pain and discomfort. Thanks alot to Chloe for her great assistance rendered😉

Shamini Manoharan


I’ve been very happy with my experience with Physioclinic. Chloe have been very engaged with my care, have always explained very clearly what the problems I’m experiencing are, and why, and I have seen marked improvement over time by following their advice.

Yin Yeap


The staff at the clinic are friendly and professional. Chloe introduced me to a range of exercises to help rehabilitate my sprained ankle.

Kai Lin

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