I got into a major skiing accident which left me with both my shoulders dislocated. Upon seeing an orthopaedic surgeon, he said that my left shoulder sustained a huge bankart tear, and my right shoulder 360 degree lateral tear. After he performed a complex surgery that repaired both my shoulders, he referred me to Physioclinic for post operation physiotherapy. Because the accident and surgery were both major, the muscles in my shoulder and back were in a mess. I experienced a lot of muscle tightness and weakness, and my range was extremely limited. My rotation was 0 degrees (I couldn’t even wear my own shirt), and my range was only about 110 degrees. Michelle and Jocelyn, my physiotherapists over a period of 9 months, helped me to recover completely with a range of treatments which included ultrasound therapy, soft tissue massage, electric impulses, and strengthening exercises. I am extremely pleased with their help, because I know of many people who are unable to restore their rotation and range completely after a dislocation. I am extremely grateful that they have restored my muscles and that I am back to normal!




I loved the treatment and services rendered by Michelle and Jocelyn. They have both been patient and thorough in treating my injured knee. Will certainly visit this clinic if anything physical crops up in future. Love it!!




My tailbone hurts without any trauma to it. It started as an ache and become severe pain. Bone specialists could only prescribe painkillers and tell me I have to live with the pain by buying a special cushion to sit on. My pain soon disabled me from standing or sitting. That’s when I started ultrasound physiotherapy and core exercises. After 20 or so sessions, I feel hope that I will recover fully one day. My pain reduced tremendously and is bearable now. My therapists, Michelle and Jocelyn are awesome and friendly too.




Physioclinic has been help in aiding my rehabilitation from meniscus repair surgery. I feel more confident now about my ability to be active in sports again and prevent further injuries. My therapy sessions with Jocelyn is never boring and I can see my progress in each session. Every exercise has a clear objective in strengthening a specific aspect of rehabilitation. I feel that time spent here is time well spent. So I would to advise my friends/family member, do not wait until you have had a major injury before considering physiotherapy, prevention is better than cure!




Physioclinic has helped me to understand better for the nature of the pain I have been experiencing apart from post operation rehabilitation process. What pleased me the most would be the attentive care of the therapist at Physioclinic especially Jocelyn, Pia and Michelle from the very first day. I would recommend to my friend and family member to seek advice from professionals for physiotherapy for muscle related pain.



The sessions here have helped me through my pain. The therapy and the information on stretches that I can do on my own have helped improve my condition. The attentiveness of the physiotherapists, Michelle and Jocelyn have pleased me most during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I would recommend Physioclinic to my friends and family.




The pain in my neck and back are completely gone after my course of treatment at Physioclinic. They provided good services and my therapist gave very good advice on the exercise for strengthen my body too. I am pleased with the treatment, the care and patient of the staff and physio during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. Physioclinic is a very good clinic to help treat on the injury and pain.



Physioclinic helps me to get back to my normal sports activity and teach me how to work out with stretching and strengthening my muscles and put me into good condition. I am pleased with the electrical stimulation therapy and strengthening exercises during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. Physiotherapy at Physioclinic have taught me a lot of new things how to get fit and better condition of my body. Thank you very much for your help and good service and advice.



In 5 sessions, Physioclinic has relieved my slip disc issues and pain experienced through their expertise, knowledge and machine (traction), exercise that they taught me to do at home. What pleased me the most in the course of my treatment at Physioclinic, is the friendly therapist. I would strongly recommend it to my friend and family and also its close by central area.

Janelle Wong, 8M Real Estate


Physioclinic improved my life by making me understand the important of stretching and muscle strengthening.  Also makes me understood the importance of good posture. Jocelyn has been extremely encouraging and helpful throughout the sessions. I would like to say to my friends and family to always try out physiotherapy before deciding on an operation.

Sonya Lim, Marketing Executive


Physioclinic has improved my life with my leg movement and my walking. I am pleased with the humble staff during my course of treatment in Physioclinic. I will say to my friend and family member Physioclinic is a good clinic. Thanks for being patience with me.

Radhakrishnan. G


I came for physiotherapy as I had immense pain in my ankle that was caused by a fall that did not seem to recover after three months. Jo, my therapist helped to relief the pain and release my fears of never feeling better again. My ankle feels stronger now and I can enjoy normal activities like walking. I hope to go back to jogging soon. Thank so much for Jo’s patience and cheerfulness during out sessions. Jo taught me simple exercises which though simple but are very effective to stretch the muscles and strengthen them. She also helped to relief pain and relax the muscles which is really a big relief. Jo is also patient, cheerful and optimistic in ensuring recovery and I am most grateful to her. Please consider physiotherapy! It really helps! You have a great therapist in Jo, I would highly recommend her to others.

Chang Luh Chong