Frozen Shoulder
Frozen Shoulder

What is Frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is the most common pain in the shoulder, sometimes leading into the upper arm and shoulder blade pain. This may cause a decrease in shoulder movement, stiffness of the shoulder joint.

What causes Frozen shoulder?

  • Shoulder pain, aches
  • Shoulder tendonitis
  • Shoulder sprain/strains
  • Shoulder Subluxation or Dislocations
  • Fracture of shoulder or arm
  • Trauma
  • Secondary to other medical problems such as thyroid illness, Parkinson disease, and cardiac disease and post-surgery.
  • Other condition requiring shoulder immobilization for a period of time. During this time, the capsule of the shoulder joint becomes inflamed and thickened, sometimes contracted.

What are the symptoms of Frozen shoulder?

  • Intense pain, dull or aching
  • Difficulties sleeping
  • Restricted range of motion or stiffness
  • Decreased strength and stability, as well as scapular stability

The normal course of frozen shoulder has three stages: freezing, frozen and thawing, which can last up to 2 years or more.

Effective treatments that can help Frozen shoulder pain

The treatment of shoulder pain will entirely depends on the cause of shoulder problem. All conditions are different, and treatments may differ from each individual.

Treatment for Frozen shoulder pain may consists of:

– Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy has been proven to shorten the healing process. After assessing the physical and functional restrictions and impairments, the physiotherapist will aim the treatment towards pain and inflammation reduction, and restoration of the motion.

– Manual therapy:  Mobilisation or manipulation of joints (Glenohumeral joint, acromioclavicular joint,  Sternoclavicular Joint, and Scapulothoracic joint).

– Massage Therapy: soft tissue release, deep friction massage, myofascial release, trigger points release

– Pain Relief Therapy: Using pain relief treatment modalities such as Ultrasound , electrical stimulation, TENS, laser, heat therapy

– Shockwave Therapy: Advanced high energy pulses effective for chronic, persistent shoulder muscle tightness, trigger points to stimulate healing. Proven treatment for tendonitis, calcification/ bone spurs

– Exercise Therapy:  Joint flexibility, Guided movement therapy, stretching and progressive strengthening shoulder muscles and joints

– Education: Advice to improve posture, lifestyle modifications

Our unique treatment approach for shoulder pain

At heal360 Physioclinic, our physiotherapist and rehabilitation therapist experts has developed a proprietary signature program for the shoulder pain –PainRelief360™ Program 

Our therapist will perform a thorough assessment and determine the potential cause of the frozen shoulder problem, and will develop a management and best treatment program for your shoulder pain: relief pain, regain your shoulder movement and give you a renewed, stronger shoulder!

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