Some of Our Success Stories for Back Problems: 


Initially, I decided to visit physio clinic because of severe pain in my upper back after lifting weights in gym, I also experience breathlessness at times and have difficulty in lifting my arms. I thought it was a strain. My therapist, Chloe has helped me to understand the roots of my problems, which is a deviation of my spine causing the muscle imbalance and work on my weak muscles. She’s patient in understanding my condition and explain what is actually happening with my back. I felt more relieved and my breathlessness has completely gone after a few sessions, thank you!

Nikolai Talanov


I’ve been here twice, once for a slipped disc and another for a sprained back. I love that the treatments are very targeted and provides instant relief! Anyone facing physical pain should definitely give this a try!

Liao Qiyi


Physioclinic helped to improve my life and solve my back pain. During my course of treatment at Physioclinic, the therapist JoAnn teach me the exercise for my back and help me to make it walkable and sit. I would recommend Physioclinic to my friend and family because they provided good treatment and is good to do physiotherapy here if you had any injury.



I recently visited this clinic for my 2nd series of treatments. The first time was many years ago and for the same issue – low back pain. This time treatment was with Chloe and once again great help and advice to get rid of the problem. Great that they mix machines as well as manual methods to cure the problem.

Ben Wilkes, Director


I have been to Physioclinic many times n have been served by therapist Ms. Pia. My condition for my backache have improve a lot. She is very polite n patient. She explain my query clearly each time i ask her. Thank you very much for her service.

Susan Lau


My lower back has stopped aching totally. I am more aware of my posture on sitting and standing. And the advice provided has been valuable. Communication with the physiotherapist was very easy and my condition was diagnosed very quickly as well. I would recommend Physioclinic to my friend and family.



Ann has been very attentive and tried her best to help to ease my backache. I definitely recommend Physioclinic for any physio treatment as they are helpful and professional. Most importantly, they will also look into patient’s comfort level. Thanks for the awesome service, Ann!

Christy Tan


Physioclinic helped to get rid of my back pain and improving my life. The positive attitude of my therapist have pleased me most during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. To my friends and family, physiotherapy is good, should get regular sessions.



Physioclinic has improved and stop the pain. Physioclinic also give clear instruction on exercises and very knowledgeable. The physiotherapist  is friendly and very experience and detail in explaining. I would recommend to my friends and family to come here if they need one. Physioclinic has good and friendly staff.



I felt less pain after my treatment at Physioclinic. They taught me exercises for my back and it helps to make my back stronger. I will recommend Physioclinic to my friends and family if they have the back pain problem.

TSUI KIT FONG             


I feel much better after my 3rd sessions of Physio Therapy from Physioclinic. The staff here are friendly. Location is very convenient too.



My tailbone hurts without any trauma to it. It started as an ache and become severe pain. Bone specialists could only prescribe painkillers and tell me I have to live with the pain by buying a special cushion to sit on. My pain soon disabled me from standing or sitting. That’s when I started ultrasound physiotherapy and core exercises. After 20 or so sessions, I feel hope that I will recover fully one day. My pain reduced tremendously and is bearable now. My therapists, Michelle and Jocelyn are awesome and friendly too.




The pain in my neck and back are completely gone after my course of treatment at Physioclinic. They provided good services and my therapist gave very good advice on the exercise for strengthen my body too. I am pleased with the treatment, the care and patient of the staff and physio during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. Physioclinic is a very good clinic to help treat on the injury and pain.



The pain in my back has subsided after my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I am pleased with the initial consultation to understand my problem, and attention given by the therapist Joann, who was very good. I would refer them and Physioclinic to my friend and family if they need physiotherapy.



It has helped me realize and look forward to being fully functional again with less dependence on traction machine. Every visit makes a difference to my health and well-being. The exercises given to me are really useful and effective. I really appreciate my therapist for his competence in helping me get better, explaining well to help me understand the essence of what I need to do.




I went to Physioclinic for Physiotherapy to begin treatment for lower back muscle spasms developed a month or so ago. I was recommended to go to this place by a specialist at Mount E and subsequently recommended my spouse and her friend to attend as well as they suffered from severe muscle spasms on the arms and shoulders due to long hours sitting down at work with the keyboard over the years.

Michelle is always nice and professional during the sessions. She starts by making sure that you feel comfortable while she asked a bit more about my condition. She was gentle while going through some exercises although i was never good at the Pilate which is required to control balance and strengthen the core muscles.

The whole process in physiotherapy and exercise helped my muscles relax and during the 2 months long visit the intensity of my pain had reduced and i decided to go back to gym for routine workout. Overall I was impressed with the process.

I would definitely recommend Physioclinic for their great location, customer service, and the attentive manner of the therapist

Gavin Yeoh

Operation Manager


Physioclinic has help reduce the pain, I felt when I used to get after sitting down for prolonged period of time. The exercise and stretches I learnt also helped me relieve the tension in the muscles. Yamuna is a friendly therapist. She is professional in what are does and was able to pin-point what was exactly wrong/What caused my lower back and hip ache. She was able to help me clear misconceptions too. The treatment were very good and is reasonably priced as compared to other Physio clinics out there.

Juliana Goh Si Hui, NTU Student


80% of my life has improved after coming to Physioclinic.

Before I come to Physioclinic, I used to have aching at back and sometimes difficulty in breathing at night and can’t sleep well. But now I am free from everything.

Yamuna is not only concern about my condition; she also looks at what we are really having problems with. She is very knowledgeable and well experienced.

I’ll definitely recommend Physioclinic because after doing therapy with Yamuna, I feel so much better.




Therapy has improved my physical mobility and body posture.

Physioclinic has good form of therapy for those who have lower back problems.

Yamuna has taught me various useful techniques that are easy to remember and yet effective. She is also patience.

Job well done!

Leong Yin Chiew, Shawn



I have a bad injury on my spine and doctor says I maybe paralysis. I was sad that I am unable to walk and bedridden when my therapist, Yamuna, came for the first time.

I have so much improvement and now I am able to walk using crutches. She has helped me alot and improved my qualify of life.

Yamuna has done a very good job and taught me many exercises that made me walk again.

Thank you Yamuna and Physioclinic.

Karna, Steel Filter


Therapists are very dedicated and patient. She has helped to reduce the discomfort I experience in my back as a result of scoliosis. Physiotherapy is a great way to fix muscular aches and speed up recovery. Highly recommended to every potential patient.

Ng Song Ping



I have prolapsed intervertebral disc (L3/L4,L4/L5,L5/S1). I was having intense back and leg pain plus numbness and weakness on my left leg. A consultant recommended surgery but luckily he referred me to Physioclinic to see what the Physiotherapist can help me. I saw Michelle and after her assessment I started on the treatment. After 2 month of physiotherapy my condition has improved so much that I am completely pain free and just a little numbness left on my left leg . My recovery was amazing and surgery was not necessary at all. I would like to say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ Michelle and Yamuna. Thanks to your caring treatment, I was able to recover so quickly. Thanks to your encouragements as well. I would strongly recommend my friend to consult Physioclinic. Thank you good work. All the best for you all in the new year 2013!

Chia Eng Tat

Maybank Kim Eng Securities PTE LTD


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