What is Rotator Cuff Repair surgery?

Rotator cuff repair is a surgical procedure to repair the rotator cuff torn tendon in the shoulder.

When is surgery required?

When shoulder pain has not improved after 6-12 months of physiotherapy and resting from sports/strenuous activities. When patient showing weakness and unable to perform everyday activities. Or have a large or a complete rotator cuff tear.

When to Start Physiotherapy?

  • Physiotherapy can begin the day after operation

Physiotherapy for Pre  surgery- Rotator cuff repair

  • Educate shoulder care
  • Reduce swelling and pain management
  • Post-operative expectations and management

Physiotherapy for Post Rotator Cuff Repair surgery

  • Reduce inflammatory and pain management using therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice therapy.
  • Soft tissue massage to increase blood circulation and prevent shoulder stiffness
  • Range of motion exercises of the shoulder
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises of the shoulder and scapular
  • Thoracic mobility exercises
  • Scapular control and stability and proprioception exercises

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