Every surgical procedure has some risks and benefits. Your individual results will depend on your commitment, and recovery takes time. While there can be no guarantee of success, benefits can include pain relief, improve joint range, muscle strength and return of normal use of the shoulder.

Similar with all kinds of operation, there are also risks involved in shoulder operation

Risks of Shoulder Operation

– Infection

– Injury to nerve or blood vessels

– Blood clot/ bleeding

– Shoulder stiffness and weakness

– Failure of operation to relieve symptoms & heal

Post-Operative Shoulder Rehabilitation

Shoulder operation can be a complicated procedure. The recovery time after shoulder surgery may vary from a few weeks to many months, depending the types of operation performed, severity of damage/injury and your needs.

Rehabilitation should begin immediately following surgery. The rate of progression for each stage of physical therapy largely depends on outcome of surgery and how consistent you are with performing your therapeutic advises and exercises.

Types of Shoulder Operation

Humerus Fracture Operation

Clavicle (collarbone) Fracture

Rotator Cuff Repair

– Bankart Repair