A stroke is a sudden ‘brain attack’ that occurs when the blood flow to part of the brain is cut off. If brain cells do not receive enough oxygen, they can be damaged or destroyed. This may make it difficult for the person to move their arms and legs,  facial muscles to speak and swallow, or to understand what is happening around them.

What causes stroke?

A stroke is usually caused by a blood clot blocking part of one of the arteries carrying blood to the brain, or a blood vessel within the brain bursting, resulting in bleeding into the brain. Stroke is more common in men than women, and in people over the age of 55, although it can occur at any age. A family history may increase the risk, as can lifestyle factors such as diet, drinking alcohol, smoking and lack of exercise, but sometimes there is no obvious cause.

How can Physiotherapy Treatment can help Stroke?

Physiotherapists play a key role in the stroke rehabilitation, as  ‘movement expert’.  Having a stroke can have a serious impact on movement, sensation, balance and co-ordination and the aim of physiotherapy is to help regain as many of these abilities as possible. The severity of the stroke will dictate how much recovery is possible, but physiotherapy treatment works to maximise movement and mobility to potential recovery.

Physiotherapy after discharge from hospital is very important but the provision of stroke services is often lacking.

The recovery of movement is most marked in the first 3 months following a stroke, but progress can still be made many years after a stroke.

At Physioclinic, our Physiotherapist will develop a stroke treatment programme, which may continue at convenient locations or your home. The physiotherapist will work with you to help you become as physically independent and fit as possible. A physiotherapy rehabilitation program is likely to include:

  • Daily activities training such as sitting, standing, walking
  • Balance Training Exercise
  • Therapy Exercises
  • Manual Therapy such as mobilisation and massage
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Lifestyle modifications

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