Do you know that….

During pregnancy, women may experience a number of complaints, many of which can be helped by our pre-natal and post-natal program  (FIT Pregnancy). The most common complaints may include:

  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • pelvic floor weakness/urinary incontinence
  • sacroiliac joint pain: symptoms may include:
    • Present swelling and/or inflammation over joint
    • Difficulty lifting leg
    • Pain pulling legs apart
    • Unable to transfer weight through pelvis and legs
    • Pain in hips and/or restriction of hip movement
    • Transferred nerve pain down leg
    • Malalignment of pelvic and/or back joints
    • Difficulty sitting and standing
    • Awareness of an audible ‘clicking’ sound coming from the pelvis

And Post Natal complaints include:

  • Low back pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation)

Physioclinic’s pre and post-natal FIT pregnancy program have been specifically designed by our physiotherapists.

Our Goals:

  • pre-natal: assist labour,  help develop your baby’s gross motor development
  • post-natal: reduce post-birth complications
  • reduce pre-birth and post-birth pain, especially back pain
  • improve  deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strength
  • improve strength and muscle tone
  • improve  flexibility
  • improve posture
  • reduce the occurrence of incontinence and pelvic floor discomfort

All of which will help you to cope better with the demands of pregnacny.

During pregnancy, it is important to exercise regularly. Most importantly, safely. Our FIT pregnancy program will help you to strengthen and maintain your pelvic floor muscle strength, as well as maintain general strength and flexibility. This can help reduce your risk of pain and discomfort through the pregnancy, as well as giving you the best chance for a smooth delivery and recovery.

After having a baby, many women strive to lose the weight gained through the pregnancy and to get back good shape. Incorrect exercises and poor technique can actually increase bulging in the lower tummy. It can also increase the size of an abdominal separation (rectus diastasis), and increase your risk of pelvic floor dysfunction (such as incontinence and prolapse) as well as back pain.

Our pre-natal and post- natal program are individualized and performed with a well trained therapist.  This is to ensure appropriate supervision and technique correction for safe and effective exercise.

When to start pre-natal and post-natal program?

Pre-natal: can be started from 12 weeks of pregnancy. You will be required to have a consultation with the physiotherapist to ensure you are safe to start, and to teach you correct technique. Our Pregnancy program are safe to do until full term, unless you have any complications that prevent you from continuing.

Post -natal:  are safe to start from six weeks post-natally, regardless of whether you have had a vaginal or caesarean delivery. You will be required to have a consultation with the physiotherapist to ensure you are safe to start, and to teach you correct technique.