Many runners make the mistake of thinking that all they have to do is run to get better or run faster.

They run to get fit, when in fact, you need to GET FIT to run well. Often, we encounter many runners without proper running concepts and techniques, ended up suffering with running injuries such as ITB syndrome, runners knee, shin splint, anterior knee pain.

At Physioclinic, our physiotherapists have designed a specialized program for runners aims to minimize running injuries and maximize running performance. RUN SMART AND RUN SAFE!


Do you know if you have abnormal movement patterns  in your running?

Is insufficient flexibility limiting your movement?

Are you suffering from insufficient  strength?

Do you have a injury on your back, hip, knee, ankle, feet? Are you fearful of re-injuring again?

Are you recovering from  a old injury and returning to running?


Are you ready to take your running  to the next level? 

Would you like to become a more  efficient, faster, stronger runner?

Do you want to find out how to  improve your running with better technique, specific flexibility  & strength?



Suitable for all ages, beginners to advanced, whether if you are new to running or you are competitive marathoner/ ironman.

Our physiotherapists have designed a RUN SMART program just for you.

1) Runner’s Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy helps to loosen tight muscles, prevention delayed onset of muscle soreness, clear lactic acid/waste, release trigger points, enhance recovery.

– Recommended once a week/fortnight for regular runners

2) Runner’s Specific Strength and Conditioning Exercises 

– Customized clinical exercises to target improve your flexibility, strength, power, speed, endurance, agility  to achieve your running goals.

Prevention better than cure. Why wait till injury occurs?

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Our Previous Testimonials:

Yamuna has guided me in an excellent way. At the start of the treatment, I could hardly walk. Now, I can run 15km! Good service, accurate diagnosis, right treatment from Yamuna. I have already recommended Yamuna to a couple of friends. Thanks to Yamuna, I will be able to go for the half marathon on May!  Anja Aspelund

I was referred by a doctor to see Michelle to heal a knee injury sustained from being an over-enthusiastic ‘weekend warrior’. Michelle was patient in explaining the anatomy of the knee joint; the damage areas and available alternatives for facilitating repair and rehabilitation. Her physiotherapy and physical exercises were effective in paving the way to recovery and elimination of pain. Michelle runs a friendly, effective and professional practice.   KC Lee, Managing Director

I am stronger and feel better. My ankle used to swell after a run but now I am able to run in comfort. I have learnt since that Physiotherapy is not only about recovery but it is also about getting stronger and healthier physically and mentally. I am actually encouraging my friends and colleagues who have been inactive to call Physioclinic. Try it! Physiotherapist has also given me specialized and step by step programme, and confidence to head back to the gym runs. Thank you, Physioclinic! Dayangku Nuurul, Teacher

I wish to thank you for the past few sessions that I’ve had for my plantar fasciitis condition. I successfully completed my half marathlon last week under 2hours without any problems. With your recommended exercises and massage, I believe I would be able to compete in my 1st full marathlon in December.  Adrian Chew, Businessman

Physioclinic improve my life by treat my plantar fasciitis injury. This has enable to go do my favourite running activities. The shockwave treatment ESWT is very effective and fast relieves pain. Come to Physioclinic and will help you relieve pain.    IVAN SIM