Fast Safe Weight loss
Healthy Weight Loss, Lose Fats


Many people are concerned about the problem of obesity and how to lose weight fast. The media is inundated with weight loss products, diets and weight loss treatment programs that claim instant success. 

Physiotherapists believe that long-term healthy weight management can only be achieved through exercise and a healthy diet. 

However, our physiotherapists understand that not everyone is comfortable joining a gym or exercising, especially if they have never worked out before. Some people may find  lose weight difficult, especially for joint pain, chronic muscle stiffness, back pain and knee pain. Some people tried exercising on their own or engaged in personal trainers who may not have the extensive medical knowledge of licensed physiotherapists. As a result, they injured and caused pain to their body instead of a weight loss results. 

At Physioclinic, our physiotherapists will assess your condition, goals and weight lose preferences before assist in your commitment to lose weight. We will provide you with an educated, healthy and personally-tailored weight loss program.  Our different weight loss program approaches: 

1) Exercise Therapy for weight loss  supervised by physiotherapist 

2) Nutrition and Diet  

Your personalised weight loss program with our physiotherapists will help you achieved effective fast weight-loss, as well to manage your pain or prevent an injury during exercise. 

You will not only make your body look good and stronger but will also ensure there are no unpleasant side effects. You will gain a new sense of discipline and balance lifestyle and achieve optimal performance. 

Speak to our physiotherapist to find out how we can help you lose weight: 9639 0509