Stop Taking Painkiller?

When dealing with pain, a person may find it hard to focus on everyday tasks and even the simplest things as walking, or sitting can turn into a challenge. 

There are many painkiller medications available on the market that can be used for effective pain relief.

Many resort to taking painkiller as the fastest way of relieving the pain. Painkiller cover up the pain. The root cause of the pain problem is still not resolved.

Also, a new study has found painkiller (Diclofenac) for arthritis, back pain, gout, headaches and fever may increase risk of heart attacks and strokes by 40%. At high doses, the increase in risk was almost doubled.

For those who already have a high risk of a heart attack or stroke, taking the painkiller could present serious problems.

Non-drug pain relief methods, such as physical therapy, heat and splints, or other types of pain relievers treatments should be tried before resorting to NSAIDS

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People suffering from pain need to think about alternative pain relief techniques such as physiotherapy that can be used with as much effectiveness and less risk of side effects compared to painkillers, injections or surgery.