Our team of practitioners which consists of physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists are backed by years of professional training and rich clinical experience, enabling us to provide accurate diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate individualized treatment plans.

Our physiotherapists are registered with the Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC). AHPC is a professional board under the Ministry of Health (MOH). Our rehabilitation therapists have physiotherapy or sports and exercise science qualifications. All therapists possess good ‘hands-on’ manual therapy skills, pain management, exercise prescription and rehabilitation.


Clinic Manager – Yamuna Ganesan

Since 2010, Yamuna leads the team in delivering the best quality of service and leads the charge to make Physioclinic the best choice for physiotherapy in Singapore .

Yamuna has worked in several private physiotherapy centres and has experience seeing many difficult, persistent, complex pain conditions especially back pain, stiff neck, poor posture, post operation and hospitalisation. She is very focused as a senior rehab therapist and ensures the team rehabilitates clients to get back soonest to sports, work and daily activities.

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Senior Rehabilitation Therapist – Pia Villanueva

Pia graduated with Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapist in 2000 and had experience as physiotherapist in hospital and private medical centre of Philippines.

Pia has migrated to work in Singapore for more than 18 years, specialized in sports related injury and various kinds of massage such as sports massage, trigger point release, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage massage, acupressure massage, deep tissue release. She likes to help those people who have sports or work related musculoskeletal problem such as muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness/tightness to recover their condition from injury, regain their mobility and strength with rehabilitative exercises and thus fast return their functional daily activity.

She has good testimonials from famous MMA champions from ONE FC/ UFC

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Senior Rehabilitation Therapist – Jo Ann

Jo Ann graduated as a Physiotherapist from Manila Central University of Philippines in 2001. She has 17 years of experiences working as a physiotherapist in reputable government hospital, sports centre and private clinics, tailoring injuries specific exercises programs. She been in Singapore for past 7years specialising in sports massage, musculoskeletal pain and injuries, post operative and neurological elderly rehabilitation. She is patience and attentive to needs of patients.

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Rehabilitation Therapist – Ann Chai

Ann graduated with Diploma in Physiotherapy with Merit Award in 2014. During her studies in Malaysia, she has obtained extensive knowledge and academic training from several government hospitals and private settings. These training had given her a great opportunities to deal with people with different backgrounds who were in need for rehabilitation therapy. She provides physical therapeutic care in both musculoskeletal and elderly rehabilitation and re-conditioning program for patients to improve their health conditions and functional abilities at a faster rate. Ann enjoys working in private setting, providing better quality care and passionate about faster recovery for her patients.

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Rehabilitation Therapist -Jeffrey Agnes

Jeffrey graduated with Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physiotherapy from Anglia Ruskin University, UK. He has experiences providing sports massage and therapeutic rehabilitation for both recreational and professional athletes with musculoskeletal injuries of the ankle, knee and shoulder. He has extensive clinical experience in multiple government and private settings during his studies with interest spanning from musculoskeletal injuries management to neurological rehabilitation for stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Jeffrey’s greatest passion is to deliver a rehabilitative learning experience so that everyone can achieve functional independent after recovery.

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Rehabilitation Therapist – Chloe Lee

Chloe  graduated with Bachelor Degree of Science (HONS) in Physiotherapy Sciences.  Her passion and strong academic track records  makes her one of the few Merit Scholarship holder in Malaysia. Chloe loves keeping herself updated with knowledge and attended several workshops such as Maitland Approach in Low back pain and Stroke rehabilitation. She has experiences working in well reputed public hospitals as well as private setting.

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Rehabilitation Therapist – Jingwen

Jingwen graduated with Bachelor Degree of Science (HONS) in Physiotherapy Science. She has experience working in government hospital and private settings in treating people of ages who have musculoskeletal, respiratory and neurological conditions. She has a gentle, caring attribute and passionate in helping people to achieve optimal function and return to an active lifestyle by relieving pain, improving mobility, strength, balance and coordination.


Senior Physiotherapist- Jasmine 

Jasmine graduated as a Physiotherapist from Australia, Curtin University of Technology in 2009. She is also a Certified Polestar Pilates Practitioner. For the last four years, she has been working both in public hospitals and in private practice, serving many patients and clients. Jasmine is experienced in hydrotherapy (aqua therapy), neurological rehabilitation, paediatrics, women’s health, postural, and musculoskeletal fields of practice. She also loves to give talks to educate the public and companies


Senior Physiotherapist – Michelle Kwong

Michelle graduated from the University of Sydney, and is certified in Clinical Pilates.

Michelle has extensive clinical physiotherapy experience- worked in Changi General Hospital, managed 2 Singapore Armed Forces Physiotherapy Centres and has years of experience in private practice. She specializes in chronic pain management, musculoskeletal, post-operative and elderly rehabilitation.

She is a popular speaker for educational talks, having given talks to more than 200 companies, schools and community under her belt. Michelle was awarded Gold award-Excellent Service by Spring Singapore.

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