What is Tail Bone Pain (Coccydnia)?

Tailbone, medical term coccyx, is the bottom end of the spine which consist 3-5 small bones. Tailbone pain is felt in between the buttocks when inflammation happens at coccyx.

Tailbone pain is more common in woman than man.

What causes Tail bone Pain?

– Accident or fall directly on buttocks

– Repetitive Strain Injury

– Sports Injury eg from cycling or rowing

– Muscle tightness around buttocks muscles, piriformis muscles

– After childbirth

What are the signs and symptoms of Tailbone Pain?

– Localised pain and tenderness at tailbone

– Worst during or after sitting, especially on hard chairs

– Bowel movement painful

Physiotherapy Treatment for Tailbone pain

Our physiotherapist will assess your tailbone pain and implement correct treatment to stop your tail bone pain. Depending on the severity and condition of tailbone pain,  treatments may consists of:

– Manual Therapy: Hands on technique to mobilise the joints

– Soft Tissue Massage

– Pain Relief Treatments

– Rehabilitation Exercises

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