What is ankle ligament reconstruction?

Ankle ligament reconstruction is done to reconnect the ankle ligament (s) and support ankle ligament using a tendon graft and attached to the outside of the small toes. The tendon most commonly used is peroneus brevis muscle.

When is this surgery is done?

When the ligaments are overstretched or scarred, and not able to repair then the ligaments must be reinforced with a tendon graft.

Physiotherapy for Pre- ankle ligament reconstruction

Goals- Pre-operative Phase:

  • Restore your full range of motion
  • Good calf and peroneal strength
  • No swelling or effusion of the knees

Physiotherapy Treatments:

  • Pain relief treatments such as ice therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound
  • Stretching and strengthening
  • Soft tissues massage
  • Pre-operation education

Post- Operations

Goals- Post- operative Phase:

  • Full ankle Range of motions
  • No effusion or swelling
  • Strength of the peroneal and calf muscles equal to opposite knee
  • Balance and proprioception
  • Ankle brace is required.


  • Pain relief therapy: Ice therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy
  • Ankle brace is strongly advised while standing or walking.
  • Little or no weight bearing up to 12 weeks during walking
  • Gait training ( by using crutches)
  • Ankle stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Balance, and proprioception training
  • Soft tissue massage

Physiotherapy treatment will be customized to individual depending on symptoms and level of function to improve mobility and increase confidence with daily activities. At Physioclinic, physiotherapy treatment before and after ankle reconstruction will ensure you get back activities you enjoy.

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