Some of Our Success Stories for Knee Problems: 

Therapist Ann has help me to improve the function of my knee pre and post-surgery. Her attentive care and the treatment programme has helped to relieve pain and anxiety. My therapist Ann often reassured me that with proper physiotherapy and exercises I will recover from my knee injury. I am often encouraged by her. Ann is a dedicated, caring therapist, attentive and has excellent care towards her patient. I am very happy to be under her care.




I loved the treatment and services rendered by Physioclinic. They have both been patient and thorough in treating my injured knee. Will certainly visit this clinic if anything physical crops up in future. Love it!!




Physioclinic has helped me to understand better for the nature of the pain I have been experiencing apart from post operation rehabilitation process. What pleased me the most would be the attentive care of the therapist at Physioclinic especially Jocelyn, Pia and Michelle from the very first day. I would recommend to my friend and family member to seek advice from professionals for physiotherapy for muscle related pain.



Physioclinic had helped me to be conscious for my posture. After being taught of the simple exercises, my knees are on the road to recover. I noticed that on each session that I had with him, my knees are better and stronger and I am very pleased with that. Look for Physioclinic therapist! They are  helpful and patient.

Sarah Lek


Before I started treatment, I had a lot of aches and pain from the workout I did at gym and a pre-existing knee injury from the army. With the help from Yamuna, these pains have subsided tremendously. The professionalism of Physioclinic staff have helped alleviate the pain when you first step into the place. The pre-existing aliments have subsided significantly, I can resume my pre-injury workout with less pain. I will recommend anyone who has any pain to come here to improve their lifestyle and health.

Samuel Lai, Audio Designer/ Petal Productions



I visited Physioclinic to treat a knee injury. My therapist was able to determine the extent of the problem and applied her skills and knowledge to treat it. I felt much better even after the first visit and the pain was dramatically reduced. My therapist also identified other unrelated problems like poor posture and back issues and also prescribed corrective exercises. I am well on the road to recovery and feel much better overall!

Michael Tham, Editor


I personally wanted to take the time to drop you a short note to express my sincerest thanks for the dedicated physiotherapy session. The therapy was very beneficial and i have since felt so much better after going through the series of physiotherapy treatments on my left knee. You are very professional, and i appreciated the effort to allow me to reschedule appointments and also the reminder messages that would be sent to me a day prior to my appointments. Please feel free to use this as a reference, as an example of the effective and efficient medical services that you provide.

Jack Lin


I was referred by a doctor to see Physioclinic to heal a knee injury sustained from being an over-enthusiastic ‘weekend warrior’. My therapist was patient in explaining the anatomy of the knee joint; the damage areas and available alternatives for facilitating repair and rehabilitation. Her physiotherapy and physical exercises were effective in paving the way to recovery and elimination of pain. Physioclinic is a friendly, effective and professional practice.

KC Lee Managing Director, Hansgrohe


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