What is Iliotibial band (ITB)?

Iliotibial band friction (ITB) is a thick band of soft tissue, known as fascia. ITB is not a muscle or tendon. It starts outside the hip from tensor fascia lata, pass down to the outside of thigh, and inserts into the kneecap (patella) and shin bone (tibia).

Iliotibial Band
Iliotibial Band

Signs and Symptoms of Iliotibial band friction (ITB) Syndrome

– Knee pain , especially outside of the knee

– Tightness of ITB

– Pain aggravated by running especially downhill

– Weakness in hip abduction

– Tenderness, trigger points outer side of thigh or buttocks

What are the causes of Iliotibial Band Syndrome?

– Weak hip muscles, gluteus medius

– Tighntess piriformis and gluteul muscles

– Poor flexibility of lower leg muscles

– Overuse

– Overpronation, flat feet

– Poor training surfae

– Inappropriate shoes

– Leg length difference

Physiotherapy Treatment for Iliotibial band friction (ITB) Syndrome

– ITB myofascial release

– Sport Massage

– Pain relief treatments eg hotpack, ultrasound

– Foam roller exercises

– Stretching ITB

– Strengthening hip muscles and stabilisers

– Advise proper footwear or orthotics

Iliotibial band friction syndrome may require long-term rehabilitation and frequent Iliotibial band release and stretches should be maintained even after symptoms cease., especially those who run frequent or walk prolonged hours.

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