Good posture alignment therapy
Good posture alignment therapy

Bad posture is often directly related to pain and discomfort.

Prolonged sitting and standing postures can cause increase disk pressure, leading to early joint and disc degeneration. Poor posture over prolonged time may results in weakening of muscles, resulting in muscle imbalances and more difficulty in attaining better posture.

Physiotherapists are trained in posture assessment, ergonomics and helps in re-alignment of spine and correct posture.

How can physiotherapy treatment helps in postural pain and better posture?

At heal360 Physioclinic, our therapists deal with a variety of postural imbalances and pain including scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis.

– Manual therapy to treat joint problems by specific joint mobilisation and manipulation.

Clinical Pilates   

– Postural Correction and Alignment

– Postural Strengthening exercises

– Postural taping and education on postural awareness at work, home and during recreation

By seeking physiotherapists’ advice and treatment for bad postural problems, you can experience significant improvements in pain and functional capacity and prevent recurrence of the problem.

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