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Manual therapy by physiotherapists

Our Physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists use a variety of Manual Physical Therapy Techniques, also known as ‘hands on therapy’ which uses no devices or equipment.

Manual Therapy involves pressure on muscles and joints physically, it helps to:

– relief pain

– restore stiff joint movements

– reduce muscle tightness/ spasm

– improve joint fluid function and circulation

– maximize body’s own self healing potential

Types of manual therapy:

– Mobilisation:  passive gentle movement, oscillation or sustained stretch of a joint within a Physiological movement or accessory movement

– Manipulation:  sudden movement, of small amplitude at a joint.

– Soft tissue release (trigger point release, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, kneading, acu-pressure point therapy, etc)


At heal360 Physioclinic, our therapists uses a fast, effective manual therapy approach has differentiate us from chiropractor, osteopath and physiotherapist. In most pain conditions, manual therapy will be used in combination with other Pain Relief Treatments and specific therapy exercises to restore optimal movement, muscle strength, flexibility, endurance and stability control in order to regain optimal function.