What is an Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is known as open a keyhole surgery on the knee which allow the surgeon to view, diagnose and treat inside a knee joint. Arthroscopy is done by  inserting a small or tiny camera into the knee. Surgeon will through this procedure to wash out the fluid or tissue debris, remove or reattach the loose fragments, repair or remove the torn cartilage.

Arthroscopy for the knee conditions:

  • Removal of inflammed synovial tissue
  • Removal or loose fragments of bone or cartilage
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears with instability
  • Trimming of torn cartilage
  • Removal or repair of torn meniscal cartilage

When can physiotherapy start?

Physiotherapy should begin as soon as possible after surgery.

Physiotherapy for Pre- Arthroscopy

Goals- Pre-operative Physiotherapy Phase:

  • Restore your full range of motion
  • Improve  Quadriceps and hamstring strength
  • No swelling or effusion of the knees

Physiotherapy Treatments:

  • Pain relief treatments such as ice therapy, heat therapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy
  • Stretching and strengthening
  • Soft tissues massage
  • Pre-operation education

Physiotherapy for Post- Arthroscopy

Goals- Post- operative physiotherapy phase:

  • Full Range of movement
  • No effusion or swelling
  • Strength of the hamstring and quadriceps equal to opposite knee
  • Balance and proprioception
  • Bandage is required if there is swelling

Physiotherapy Treatments:

  • Pain relief treatments such as ice therapy, heat therapy, ultrasound
  • Stretching and strengthening
  • Soft tissues massage and joint mobilization
  • Gait training (Progression with walking aids or without walking aids, and independence to walk on affected leg)
  • Functional activities
  • Practice stair climbing
  • Balance, endurance, coordination and proprioception training
  • Activity modification such as driving

Physiotherapy treatment will be customized to individual depending on symptoms and level of function to improve mobility and increase confidence with daily activities. At Physioclinic, physiotherapy treatment before and after knee arthroscopy will ensure you get back activities you enjoy.

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