Physiotherapy for Facial Palsy
Physiotherapy for Facial Palsy


Facial Palsy, idiopathic facial paralysis, or Bell’s Palsy is a face condition as a result of inflammation of the facial nerve causing paralysis of the facial muscles on one or both sides of the face.

What is the cause of Facial Palsy?

Facial palsy  thought that the nerve controlling the muscles of face (VII cranial nerve) becomes inflamed in its bony canal which affects the transmission of nerve impulses. Facial weakness can occur in other conditions such as stroke, brain tumours or head trauma.

Signs and Symptoms of Facial Palsy

  • Rapid onset, a cold might precede Bell’s Palsy
  • Physical appearance: Facial drooping
  • Drooling from the mouth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Food getting stuck behind teeth
  • Difficulty in closing one eye
  • Raising of one eyebrow
  • Inability to control the facial muscles

The condition in many cases resolves quickly with therapy, especially for those with partial paralysis.

How to treat Facial Palsy?

Research has shown that physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy can improve the impairments associated with Bell’s palsy.

At heal360 Physioclinic, our therapists can help to improve facial muscles symmetry, sense of well being, confidence, eyes closure and improved facial movements.

  • Physical therapy Exercises
  • Electrical Stimulation Therapy to activate nerve and muscle contraction
  • Facial massage to facilitate movements and prevent shortening of muscles
  • Facial exercises to activate weak facial muscles  and eyes closure
  • Facial Taping

Following a assessment of your condition, your therapist will advise you through the most appropriate individual treatment plans and  goals for your Facial Palsy.


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