Some of our Success Stories for Elbow Pain: 

I had hand, wrist & elbow injuries due to an awkward fall during BJJ a few months ago. I have to give thanks to Jeffrey, who was actively listening and showing empathy right from the first session, allowing me to describe in details. It was something which did not really happened with the doctors (major frustrations there).
Jeffrey was very clear to explain the steps he was going to take to address the issues and was very informative on why or what caused the pain(s). At the end of the first session, to my surprise and happiness, I was able to bend my elbow with more range of motion.
Been through 8 sessions already, and every session definitely ended with some progression and prescribed exercises to do at home. I feel at ease throughout each session knowing that I am in good hands. It also helps that Jeffrey is friendly and enjoys cracking jokes too. *thumbs up*

Nur Ram


I came to Physioclinic with a bad tennis elbow. I am now much stronger and able to do better work with my right hand. I am pleased with the care and knowledge that goes into the treatment when I am in Physioclinic. I would recommend my friends and family to come to Physioclinic. I would like to thank the staff at physioclinic for all their help.



I had tennis elbow on my right arm. Yamuna was knowledgeable about my problem and was gentle in executing treatment. Although the therapy was at times painful, she put me at ease by engaging me in conversations. She gave me back my arm and I am happy! Also, the reception staff was very helpful and cheerful. Thank you all!
Emily Wong


The pain in the my elbow has been reduced and allows me to resume my exercise regime. I am very pleased that all these treatments were explained in detail. I would say definitely book a visit if you are experiencing pain.

Joseph Petrucelli


About 4 months ago, I was involved in a pretty nasty motorbike accident which left me with a fractured right elbow. This is last injury I would ever want since it is my writing hand….as a student, I would need my arm to be back in shortest time. I am really thankful to Physioclinic for helping me regain the full use of my injured arm in the shortest amount of time. The initial stiffness in the elbow after the cast was taken out had disrupted my daily life a lot. An operation was even suggested by the doctor if my situation does not improve. However, my therapist had done a wonderful job in helping me to avoid surgery with the exceptionally effective exercises she had recommended and treatment methods she had used. Most importantly, she also possesses the ability to motivate in difficult and sometimes I would say emotional period. Overall, my recovery process had been awesome and ever improving. I would definitely consider it a miracle with the range of motion I had achieved in this present state. 3 months ago, what I thought was impossible become very possible now.
Tan Zi Bin Student


My wrist healed faster and feel almost 100%. Also learnt better form at the gym and am more conscious of work-related aches and pain of muscles. Pleasant , easy treatment with lots of information. Neville has been easy to get along with, always made me feel comfortable and appears to look out for my best interest. Any injuries should be seen by a physiotherapist straight away. Physioclinic is highly recommended.

James You

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