What are the common golf injuries?

The most common golf injuries occur in the lower back, back, elbow, shoulders, hands and wrist. All these parts of body plays an important role in effectiveness of your golf swing.
The repetitive motion of the golf swing is often stress on muscles and joints which resulted in pain, joint pain, swelling, reduced range of movement, weakness, numbness.

Back Injuries
– Muscle Strain
– Backaches
Slipped Disc
– Sacroiliac joint strain

Shoulder Injuries
– Impingement Syndrome
Rotator Cuff Problems
– Shoulder Instability
– Frozen Shoulder
– Arthritis

Elbow Injuries
Tennis Elbow
Golfers Elbow

Wrist and Hand Injuries
– Wrist Strain and Sprain
– Wrist Tendinitis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Finger/ Hamate Bone Fractures

Physiotherapy for Golf Injuries

Physiotherapy can help to do an biomechanical analysis of your golf swing, provide treatment to your injuries, and prevent golf injuries. Physiotherapist can enhance golf performance by:
– reduce joint stiffness
– relax muscle tightness
– improve flexibility
– correct muscle imbalance
– correct posture
– strengthening back muscles and core stabilisations
– maximise golf techniques for better performance

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