Medical Exercise therapy (MET) is a widely proven rehabilitation treatment for many types of condition and complex injuries. Therapeutic exercises involves prescription of corrective movement to treat impairments/dysfunctional mechanics, restore balance in muscular and skeletal function to help people return to their fullest potential lifestyle. These prescribed exercises are different from exercises taught by personal trainers in gym or fitness instructors in health centres.


Types of Medical Exercise Therapy

Therapeutic exercises may include:

  • Stretching for joint, soft tissues- muscles
  • Movement Pattern correction and retraining
  • Neuromuscular facilitation and re-education
  • Balance, Stability and Coordination Exercises
  • Neuromotor development activities training
  • Agility
  • Strength, Power, and Endurance exercises
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Body Mechanics training
  • Relaxation Exercises


What conditions can help with Exercise Therapy? 

All of these are combinable into exercise programs that work for many different types of patients, which may include:

  • Pain- neck, pain back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain, muscle tightness
  • Post operation / hospitalisation
  • Weight loss
  • Recovering from sport injuries
  • Stroke patients: to ease muscle tone, strengthen muscle, improve balance/gait.
  • Deconditioning / muscle weakness in senior elderly.


Our therapists with a special interest in  therapeutic exercise rehabilitation can train you safely and may implement a home exercise program after your session to speed up recovery and faster achievement in your goals.



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