Some of Our Success Stories for Foot/ Ankle Problems: 

I have been to many physios over the years and must say that Physioclinic’s ability to diagnose my injury was superb. My plantar fasciitis injury improved almost immediately after the first treatment which allowed me to start walking without much pain. The friendly staff and the love in the way they do about their work ensuring that their patients cure, cared for properly. In particular my therapist Jo Ann, who constantly reminded me on what I need to do to improve to running and play soccer again. Physioclinic is definitely a place to go to treat any injury as they have a systematic programme to ensure that you are back to your best in the shortest period of time. Jo Ann treatment of my plantar injury has now allowed to play football again after only 4 sessions, a desparate go to person for any injury!!!



I can really recommend this physio clinic, I’m treated for a tender Achilles with EMS.

Robert Jalmen


Physioclinic helped me to be able to know my pain points which I didn’t know previously. I am pleased with the ultrasound therapy during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. After my course of treatment at Physioclinic, I am able to walk more and more normally. Physioclinic has great services and friendly staff. Come to Physioclinic for improvement of pain as they try their best to treat and provide targeted treatment.



Physioclinic has improved my life, the professionalism and patient of physiotherapist has pleased me most during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. Would definitely recommend Physioclinic to my friends and family.



Physioclinic has helped me get back on my feet so I can walk again. The treatments show quick results and the staff were friendly. I would recommend Physioclinic to any friend and family member.



I had sprained my ankle 2 months previously and had been in constant pain, had difficulty standing much less walking. So after hobbling in for my first visit and walking out at the end, I was very very grateful. In the course of treatment, I am pleased with the very dramatic improvement in the short space of time. I would tell my friend and family member to absolutely do it and don’t wait.



Physioclinic makes the pain at my ankle go away really fast in such a short period of time. And that I can go back to dance fully. The treatment is very relaxing. The staffs are very nice. Yamuna is very friendly and gives me good suggestions about the injury. Physioclinic is amazing! I like how this place helps me so much & that I don’t have to go see the doctor & always have to hear him say I must stop dancing!

Lalita Jantaro, Dancer from Thailand


Thank you Physioclinic for the great physiotherapy experience. Treatments have proved effective to stop my ankle pain and exercises are useful to prevent ankle sprain again.
Thanks also to my physiotherapist for being very friendly and caring.

Gerard Bisoni, Asia Pac Regional Sales Manager


Helped arrest my plantar fasciitis problem quickly and efficiently. Chit-chatting with Yamuna, the friendly therapist, helps distract from the mild pain of the treatment. Thanks Yamuna.

Mr Lim


I am stronger and feel better. My ankle used to swell after a run but now I am able to run in comfort. I have learnt since that Therapy is not only about recovery but it is also about getting stronger and healthier physically and mentally. I am actually encouraging my friends and colleagues who have been inactive to call Yamuna. Try it! Yamuna has also given me specialized and step by step programme, and confidence to head back to the gym. Thank you, Yamuna!

Dayangku Nuurul

Teacher, MOE


I wish to thank you for the past few sessions that I’ve had for my plantar fasciitis condition. I successfully completed my half marathlon last week under 2hours without any problems. With your recommended exercises and massage, I believe I would be able to compete in my 1st full marathlon in December.

Adrian Chew, Businessman


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