What is Clavicle (CollarBone) Fractures Surgery?

Clavicle fractures surgery involves fixing and the realignment of the fracture clavicle bone with metal plates and screws on the outer surface of the bone.

When to Start Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can be initiated within the first week post op.

Physiotherapy for Post clavicle fractures surgery

The overall goals of physiotherapy are to regain normal shoulder range of motion and upper extremity strength and endurance, and control pain and inflammation.

– Treatments to reduce post operation inflammation, pain and swelling

– Soft tissue release for shoulder and neck

– Range of motion exercises of the shoulder, elbow and wrist

– Strengthening and endurance exercises of the shoulder, scapular, elbow and forearm

– Scapular control and shoulder stability exercises

– Return to specific sports exercises

Physiotherapy treatment will be customized to individual base from the symptoms and level of function to improve shoulder mobility, strength and increase confidence

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