What is Proximal humerus fracture surgery?

Proximal humerus fracture surgery involves fixation to realign and stabilize of the fracture humerus (arm) bone fragments with plates, screws, or pins.

When is surgery required?

When the fracture is displaced as the humerus bone is separated and shifted out of position into pieces.

When to Start Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation 

Physiotherapy is essential to safely and effectively restore proper shoulder and arm function thus able to return to normal activity as soon as after operation as surgeon instructed.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation for Post Proximal humerus fracture surgery

  • Pain relief modalities such as Ice, Bioptron light therapy to reduce pain, swelling, post op scarring
  • Manual therapy such as joint mobilization of the shoulder joint and soft tissue massage.
  • Range of motion shoulder exercises
  • Posture exercises
  • Flexibility and strengthening exercises of the shoulder, elbow and scapular
  • Return to specific sports exercises

Physiotherapy treatment will be customized to individual base from the symptoms and level of function to improve mobility and increase confidence with daily activities, back to work or sports.

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