Some of Our Success Stories for Neck Pain…


I chance upon Physio Clinic and visit for stiff neck on the right side. Ann attended to me with lot of
Confidence assuring it can be easily resolved within 2-3 sessions. Ann was very attentive and focus into my state of condition at the same time also treated my collapsing neck due to Long time of computing work. Ann dedication towards customer conditions is something that makes her one of a good therapist. Thank you for restoring my condition to normal and other related issues

Bernard Lee


Physioclinic has better manage my pain and discomfort. My therapist Ann is extremely patient and takes her time to listen and treat accordingly. I would like to share to my friends and family that physiotherapy can help improve your pain and managing of your pain situation. Physioclinic has good ambience and is comfortable. Ann is always very cheerful and willing to listen to my pain issues.




Less frequent numbness in my arm and less frequent headaches especially at the back of my head that’s how Physioclinic improved my life. The therapists are very helpful in the course of my treatment. I would tell my friends and family member to give Physioclinic a try if something is bothering you. Physically especially.




The sessions here have helped me through my pain. The therapy and the information on stretches that I can do on my own have helped improve my condition. The attentiveness of the physiotherapists have pleased me most during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I would recommend Physioclinic to my friends and family.




After my course of treatment at Physiocinic, my condition was 90% improved. I am pleased with the treatment at Physioclinic and the staff here are kind, patient and friendly. I would suggest my friend and family members if they got bone/neck problem to go to Physioclinic.



Before consulting with Michelle, I had lived with such long-standing aches and pains that I no longer felt them very much. I consulted with Michelle mainly because my neck was feeling the ache more than usual.
Michelle not only looked at my neck, she also gave me the “once over” and found another potential problem area. Or two.
After my session with Michelle, my aches and pains lessened considerably. She also taught me exercises which are easy to do and convenient to fit into my regular routine. Michelle’s follow up is superb and I am reminded to continue to strengthen my weaker areas to prevent future health problems as much as possible.
Two thumbs up to Michelle!!”

Ng Lin-Di


My pain in the back and neck was reduced after I done the treatment at Physioclinic. I am pleased with the nice environment, friendly staff, and good equipment during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I would recommend Physioclinic for who are in needs.



RAWKS! I’ve been suffering such a pain in the neck for the last 3 weeks and seen 2 sinsehs, 2 kinds of massage therapists and one bomoh with no results except temporary relief.  But here in Physioclinic put it right for me today and did the same for Lucy! This is the 1st day of peace for me and it’s been great! If you are in pain, you only have to call her. I did. No regrets.

Alvin Lim, Professional Trader


Therapy has helped me more aware of my posture, realized the importance of stretching, relieve pain. Yamuna has given excellent treatment for my neck and shoulder pain. I will recommend treatment at Physioclinic.

Fuyuka Nakano


I was in alot of pain once from inflamed neck muscles. Yamuna helped cure that so I can still go to work the next day. Advice to all: Seek professional therapy at Physioclinic before problems become permanent.

Nuttawan Supapong, Banking Analyst


Therapy took the aching pain on my neck after my accident. The Professionalism of the staff and therapist, Yamuna was superb. If any family/friend has a need for therapy. I would recommend them to this clinic! Thanks for your good service wish you success!

Orlando H Scully, Driver


I came to Singapore with neck pain and it got worst. I visited Yamuna and she relieved the pain, in two visits I feel much better. Yamuna is knowledgeable and kind. I would strongly suggest my friend/family member come here to alleviate pain!

Jennifer Beightley


Physioclinic has exceeded my expectations! I had constant discomfort in my neck muscles for about two months before coming. This discomfort would occur almost daily but I didn’t think twice about it. Physioclinic’s treatment worked in just one session! If you’re looking for a highly knowledgeable, personable, and highly effective physiotherapist to remove your pain – Physioclinic is the one to go to! The therapists are patient, gives solid advice on how to treat your pain, and walks you through every step of your physiotherapy treatment.

Thank you very much Michelle! You’ve made my life pain-free!

Andy Ling, Consultant (Finance & Accounting)


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