Some of Our Success Stories for Shoulder Problems: 

Physioclinic helped me tremendously to improve my condition I could barely move my left arm after a slipped disc surgery, but therapist allowed me to recover very quickly, she has been of amazing support and fantastic professional advice. I am pleased with the quality of the services provided, the therapist was extremely caring and professional. I would tell my family members to seek help from Physioclinic without a doubt.



So happy that therapy on my shoulder has allowed me to sleep through the night. The diversity in therapy treatment, plus therapist was very good at explaining the biomechanics of my body which as a yoga teacher helped me understand and learn from. The level of investigation into the issue and cause. Physioclinic took a more holistic approach to my injury and adapted treatment as deeper/difficult issued were revealed. Much more satisfying treatment than what I received at other more traditional/standard physios in Singapore. Thanks! Looking forward to being stronger than ever.

Danica Burke


Physioclinic improved my life by lessen the strain and shoulder pain. The consistent improvement from each treatment pleased me the most in my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I will recommend Physioclinic to my friends and family to consult at Physioclinic if they experience similar issue.



The pain in my shoulder is gone and my whole back feels much more relaxed. The sessions were also very soothing in general. The treatment that has pleased me most is the stimulating patch!! They were so relaxing, I practically fell asleep every time they were on. It was great finding physioclinic, I will tell my friend and family to go to Physioclinic.





I consulted Physioclinic for physiotherapy for chronic pain and loss of movement in my shoulder from too much tennis. The consultation was thorough and her diagnosis correct. My therapist explained things very clearly and the treatment worked. Within a month the pain went and shoulder mobility returned. I found here caring and sympathetic, – a first class professional. I recommend here fully.

Peter Hall, Professional


Ann is not only highly knowledgeable in the field of physiotherapy but is also a delight to work through. I found her temperament very comforting and warm. I went to Physioclinic to ease a pain I have had in my right shoulder for some time that has cause me some concern with possible future arthritis. She patiently explained to me what were the possible causes were so that understanding the therapy session made a whole lot more sense.Since completing the therapy, the pain has surprisingly gone. The exercises she had me to were helpful in maintaining the shoulder joint. I had expected to at least wrestle with the odd reoccurring nuisance pain but that has not happened.

Thank you Physioclinic for your help. The piece of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about one of the most major and complicated joints in the body is a big relief.

Ben Teh, Vice President


I thank God I came to Physioclinic through Dr Sanjay, who suggested I go for physiotherapy because I suffered severe pain and swelling from my left shoulder, arm down to my left fingers due to car accident. I was impressed by my therapist professionalism to locate the painful spots and was always correct! She removed the painful areas from my left arm with care, gently and tenderness. To speed up my recovery, I went to Lighthouse Church Miracle healing service. Within a month, I am well and is able to live life as usual. All the staff helped my overcome my depressed period with care, encouragement and smiling faces! Physioclinic is highly recommended!

Beatrice Cheah, Teacher


Cooking and gym have been very much a part of my life. When I incurred a shoulder injury some time back, it had somewhat impaired me from doing two of these daily vital activities, Ever since I saw my Physiotherapist for treatment together with strengthening rehabilitation exercise, I could get back to my workout at the gym & my family got enjoy home cooked meals! The shockwave therapy employed by Physioclinic is definitely a help towards my recovery and coupled with the specific exercise given to me (Homework for me to do). Also the knowledge imparted by my Physiotherapist to understand my condition better & what I should or should not do. Since coming to Physioclinic, I’ve become more aware of the muscle that work around the shoulder and the importance of stretching them before/after any workout. So to those gym friend / regulars who have issue with their body which is hampering you from exercising, Physioclinic is a must stop place to help you achieve a better performance and to lend you an active healthy lifestyle once again!



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