Some of Our Success Stories for Sports Injuries: 


To the large extent felt looser and more nimble after training and fight. Therapist is meticulous and friendly. I would definitely recommend Physioclinic to anyone.


Singapore MMA Champion of ONE FC


I got into a major skiing accident which left me with both my shoulders dislocated. Upon seeing an orthopaedic surgeon, he said that my left shoulder sustained a huge bankart tear, and my right shoulder 360 degree lateral tear. After he performed a complex surgery that repaired both my shoulders, he referred me to Physioclinic for post operation physiotherapy. Because the accident and surgery were both major, the muscles in my shoulder and back were in a mess. I experienced a lot of muscle tightness and weakness, and my range was extremely limited. My rotation was 0 degrees (I couldn’t even wear my own shirt), and my range was only about 110 degrees. My physiotherapists over a period of 9 months, helped me to recover completely with a range of treatments which included ultrasound therapy, soft tissue massage, electric impulses, and strengthening exercises. I am extremely pleased with their help, because I know of many people who are unable to restore their rotation and range completely after a dislocation. I am extremely grateful that they have restored my muscles and that I am back to normal!




Physioclinic has been help in aiding my rehabilitation from meniscus repair surgery. I feel more confident now about my ability to be active in sports again and prevent further injuries. My physiotherapy sessions  is never boring and I can see my progress in each session. Every exercise has a clear objective in strengthening a specific aspect of rehabilitation. I feel that time spent here is time well spent. So I would to advise my friends/family member, do not wait until you have had a major injury before considering physiotherapy, prevention is better than cure!




Physioclinic helps me to get back to my normal sports activity and teach me how to work out with stretching and strengthening my muscles and put me into good condition. I am pleased with the electrical stimulation therapy and strengthening exercises during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. Physiotherapy at Physioclinic have taught me a lot of new things how to get fit and better condition of my body. Thank you very much for your help and good service and advice.



Physioclinic has improved the condition of my knee and relieved the pain that I used to have during daily activities after my surgery. They helped to condition and prepare me to resume sporting activities. During my course of treatment at Physioclinic, the physios here always very friendly and patient. They were always ready to help and answer all my questions.



As a professional MMA fighter, injuries from training does happen from time to time. Physioclinic has been the place I go to when I sustained injuries or when I need to loosen my fatigue body. The equipment are used truly helped me a lot together with the professional service that the staff provided. It is truly a place to go when I need to treat my body.


Singapore MMA Champion of UFC


Muscle relief immediately, having a sports massage therapist at Physioclinic that really knew how to treat an athlete. The best sports massage i have had in years. If you’re in Singapore and need to loosen up the old body, I highly recommend visiting Pia at Physioclinic. Thanks!


Indonesia MMA Champion & Bantamweight fighter in ONE FC


Physioclinic has really help me a lot in recovering fast from my injuries, enable to go back for weight training stronger. Looking for physio?

Physioclinic is definitely the one that cares and gets u well.

Tan Chin Boon

 Singapore National Bodybuilding, 2013


Physioclinic does an awesome job of rehabilitation for our clients with musculoskeletal problems. Their approach is professional, safe yet effective. Their therapists are very friendly and approachable. Pain is almost always eliminated, sometimes in a few as one session of treatment. Highly recommended! 2 thumbs up!

Chung Tze Khit, Managing Director

Gold’s Gym Personal Training

Results Personal Training (Singapore)



Quicker recovery, back to running faster. Better mobility. Pain relief. Do it if you want to get a proper assessment, repair and conditioning quicker than by other means. Yamuna timely, communicative, friendly and professional.

Gregory Brooks, Director/Amida



I do not have this recurring pain for the last 5 weeks since the physiotherapy I received from you. I must say I was skeptical before the session with you. As the last time I saw a physiotherapist in a ‘government hospital 3 years ago, I don’t have the same relief experience. On top of this relief I found, I am grateful for your tips on warming specifically for muscles used in Golf to allay any golf related injury. The last 3 weeks I participated in 2 golf tournaments and both of them I came in 2nd position. With the pain gone I am more confident in executing my golf swing thus I can enjoy my golf even better not to mention winning kudos. Is not about winning tournaments; but having a relief from pain that is somehow a great reward itself!!!

Thanks again; I would not hesitate to vouch for your high level of professionalism in the area of physiotherapy.

Anthony Lee, Manager


I came into Physioclinic with injury, but after a few sessions the pain I had depleted quickly. The quick healing process allowed me to instantly be ready for sport again. Having been my first experience for therapy, I now know how the basic mechanic work and I could not have thought of a better place to my first treatment. The friendliness of the therapist including my physio Yamuna make me feel instantly comfortable at the clinic. The professional approach, basic and effective healing methods all made me have a positive opinion on the Physioclinic. The friendly chats with Yamuna during treatment assured I was never bored, and the quiet, comfortable rooms instantly relaxed me for the treatment.

If you are looking for friendly service, quick healing, good advice and on overall great physio go to Physioclinic!! The room are very cosy and comfortable and the physiotherapy techniques are all very useful and interesting. All staffs are friendly and place looks very nice, relaxed and soothing feel created by the surroundings.

James M’ghie, Student    


Yamuna helped my son recover from his hamstring injury very quickly. After just one session he felt so much better. The therapy helps to relieve pain, as well as teaches you the correct exercises to be done for certain areas. Yamuna not only concentrated on his problem areas, she also helped my son to re-learn walking properly. Yamuna is knowledgeable, friendly and puts my son at ease

Bryan’s mother, Mrs Tan


I played tennis on weekly basis. Unfortunately, I strained my lower back at last game. Could not bend my back and struggled to get out of bed. Thought was serious back injury. Fortunately, I was diagnosed as muscle strain and compressed nerve. I would advise my friends to check with doctor if injury is serious and warrant medical treatment. If not, Physioclinic will be the right place for strained muscle or non-surgical required sport injury. Yamuna is patient and give instructions at a comfortable pace.

Cheong Yew Meng



Yamuna has guided me in an excellent way. At the start of the treatment, I could hardly walk. Now, I can run 15km! Good service, accurate diagnosis, right treatment from Yamuna. I have already recommended Yamuna to a couple of friends. Thanks to Yamuna, I will be able to go for the half marathon on May!

Anja Aspelund


Physioclinic has helped me get back to doing sports very quickly. Injuries happen occasionally when I do sports and it is reassuring to know that the injuries can be treated quickly and effectively in Physioclinic. Yamuna has been very friendly and when my ankle problem was not improving, she quickly suggested that I undergo ESWT to quicken the healing process, rather than to face 2-3 months of ultrasound which may not be as effective ultimately. There was no hard-selling, just presentation of facts and assurance of results. Physioclinic has an extensive range of treatment options that I haven’t seen in with other physiotherapy options, such as the ESWT. This gives Physioclinic an edge over other wellness clinics.

Alvin Lin, engineer


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