Physiotherapy after Fracture Bone
Physiotherapy after Fracture Bone


What is Fracture?

A fracture is a break in the bone, mostly caused by accident or fall.

A broken bone needs to be aligned by operation or cast.

There are many different types of bone fractures:

– Greenstick: found in young children when bone bends and break other side of bone

– Spiral: a twisting fracture

– Comminuted: bone broken into many pieces

– Transverse: Break bone directly across

– Compound: a fracture where bone break out of the skin

– Hairline: crack in bone

How physiotherapy can help after fractures?

Physiotherapy should start immediately once fracture has been immobilised. Physiotherapy during fractures can helps in:

– Reducing pain/ swelling

– Promote healing

 – Prevent stiffness of affected joint

– Maintain strength of surrounding muscles

After fracture has healed, physiotherapy may be continued for 3 months or more till regain full function as before.

– Progress weight bearing/ walking training

– sports specific rehabilitation

– Optimise joint function

Physiotherapy can help fractures patients to a quick return and maximum performance.

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