Neurological physiotherapy helps to treat patients suffering from neurological disorder which affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

What are common neurological conditions treated?

Common neurological conditions are:


– Parkinson Disease

– Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

– Muscular Atrophy/ Dystrophy

– Head Injuries/ Brain Injury

What is difference between neurological physiotherapy from physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy are performed by physiotherapist who have experienced in neurological conditions. 

Physiotherapist will perform a detailed neurological assessment and set treatment goals with the aim of improving quality of life. 

Our aim is to provide individualised treatment, exercise prescription and education to caregiver.

Neurological Physiotherapy Treatments may include:

– Stretching exercises

– Strengthening exercises

– Balance and proprioception training

– Walking training (Gait re-education)

– Postural awareness and control

– Advice and recommendations on suitable walking aids/ home adaptations/equipments 

Treatment programmes vary depending on your symptoms and condition. The majority of patients are seen once or twice a week and complete a home exercise programme between treatment sessions. For certain conditions if required, Physioclinic physiotherapist are able to provide intensive daily physiotherapy treatment or maintenance physiotherapy of one or two sessions per month.

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