Physiotherapy treatment for muscle atrophy
Physiotherapy treatment for muscle atrophy

What is Muscle Atrophy?

Muscle Atrophy is the loss of muscles bulk. 2 types of muscle atrophy:

1) Disuse Atrophy

Disuse atrophy happens when muscle are not using enough or weakness, inactivity, lack of physical exercises, due to pain, post operation, post hospitalisation or bedridden patients.

This is commonly seen in elderly people or sedentary lifestyle people.

2) Neurogenic Atrophy

Neurogenic atrophy happens when there is an injury or damange to nerves connecting to muscles.

This is commonly seen in muscular dystrophy, guillain barre syndrome, polio, amytrophic lateral sclerosis.

Causes of Muscle Atrophy

Muscles weaken and reduced muscle mass with aging. Other causes:

– long term immobilisation

post operation

– injury


– osteoarthritis

– malnutrition

Signs and Symptoms of Muscle Atrophy

 – reduction of the size of the muscle which is visible

– difficulty in carrying out certain activities

– if a nerve injury, numbness or tingling is felt in the arms or legs

Physiotherapy Treatments for Muscle Atrophy

At Physioclinic, our physiotherapists can help to:

– stimulation of muscle growth

– increase muscle strength and endurance

– increase exercise tolerance

– improve daily function and optimise performance at work, home

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