Ankle Sprain  & Physiotherapy
Ankle Sprain & Physiotherapy


Ankle sprain, also known as sprained ankle, twisted ankle, rolled ankle, ankle ligament injury, is a common ankle pain condition where the ligaments are stretched, or torn. The injury may also be accompanied with damage or tearing of surrounding ankle soft tissue. 

What are the causes of ankle sprain?

– Sudden change in direction. eg soccer, basketball 

– Fall 

– Jumping and Running and Landed on uneven surface 

What are the signs and symptoms of ankle sprain?

– Pain 

– Swelling 

– Bruising 

– Stiffness 

– Difficulty weight bearing onto the affected leg 

– Audible snap, crack or tearing sound at the time of injury 

Physiotherapy Treatment for Ankle Sprain

Our physiotherapists at Physioclinic provide specialised assessment and treatment for people with ankle sprains. 

Physiotherapy treatment will initially reduce pain and swelling, range of motion and strength will be restored as quickly as possible through: 

– Pain Relief and Healing Treatments: Ultrasound, TENs, Electrical Stimulation 

– Ankle joint mobilisations 

– Soft tissue massage 

– Specific stretching and strengthening exercises 

– Proprioceptive and Balance training 

– Sport-specific exercise programme 

Physiotherapy will accelerate healing and get you back to your sports and work as quickly as possible. 

Find out how physiotherapy can help with ankle sprains, or to book an assessment please call/SMS 96390509 or EMAIL US