What is Patella Tendonitis?

Patella tendonitis (also known as  jumper’s knee) is pain and inflammation of the patella tendon which is located front of the knee joint, below knee cap (patella).

Patella tendinopathy is the wearing away of the patella tendon.

patella tendinitis

What causes Patella Tendonitis?

– Overuse, repetitve overloading

– Jumping or rapid chaneg in direction

– Common sports injuries eg basketball, golf, soccer, badminton, tennis, kickboxing, cycling, runners, volleyball

What are the signs and symptoms of Patella Tendonitis?

– Slow gradual onset

– Sudden unexpected injury like a fall, landing hard on front of knee

– Pain and Discomfort in the patella tendon, below kneecap

– May appear thicken tendon compared to other side

How can Physiotherapist treat Patella Tendonitis?

During your first physiotherapy visit for your patellar tendonitis, your physiotherapist will understand about your symptoms and your activity that led to your injury. Your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment and physical examination of your knee and associated leg structures. Comprehensive treatment plan based on your symptoms, results of the evaluation, and your goals. Your physio will discuss with you about your treatment plan.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Patellar Tendonitis

Your physiotherapist will provide you with a combination of treatments including:

– Pain relief Treatment: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), Ultrasound

– Mobilization: soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization

– Progressive stretching, strengthening exercises

– Patella tendon strap

– Sport specific rehabilitation program

– Shockwave Therapy

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