What is Total Hip Replacement?

Total hip replacement or athroplasty is a operation done by a orthopedic surgeon that uses metal or plastic parts to replace damaged or worn out hip joint cartilage.

When to start physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is important to make the most of your surgery and essential to ensure the success of the total hip replacement operation.

Physiotherapy for Pre total hip replacement operation

Pre-operative physiotherapy starts with pain management and progress to strength training to allow accelerated post operation recovery, which may include:

– Pain relief treatments such as heat therapy, ice therapy, ultrasound therapy

– Stretching and strengthening hip and knee exercises

– Soft tissue massage to release any tight muscles around the hip

– Pre-operation education and what to expect after operation

Physiotherapy for Post total hip replacement operation

Post-operative physiotherapy starts immediately after operation day, which may include:

– Gait training (Progression with walking aids or without walking aids, and independence to walk  on affected leg)

– Practise stairs walking

– Range of movement exercises

– Strengthening exercises

– Balancing Exercises

– Activity modification

Physiotherapy treatment will be customised to individual depending on symptoms and level of function to improve mobility and increase confidence with daily activities.

At Physioclinic, physiotherapy treatment before and after total hip replacement will ensure you get back activities you enjoy.

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