Massages are usually performed by a massage therapist to relief pain, relax muscles, promote relaxation and well-being.

Clinical massage therapy, or known as medical massage, is a medical form of massage that is usually performed by well trained massage therapists who worked with physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, athletic sports trainers. Our therapist has extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body, thus reducing risk of causing pain or injuring the tissues during a normal massage.

Medical Massage, in medicine, is the systematic and scientific manipulation of body tissues, performed with the hands for therapeutic effect to normalize muscles, tendons, nerve and joints function. It consists of various manual techniques aims to aid the body heals itself fast without side effects of drugs. This type of massage is also prescribed by doctors for injuries rehabilitation and pain conditions.


Differences between Clinical Massage & Normal Massage

Clinical Massage/ Medical Massage Normal Massage
Settings Physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics Wellness SPA, massage palour
Intention Medical necessity Scientific, Problem Solving  Treatment of conditions such as:  – Headaches/ Migraine/ Insomnia- Muscle tightness– Joint stiffness

– Body aches & pain

– General Fatigue

Client requests  Purely for Relaxation and enjoyment
Assessment/ Understanding of needs & condition


Time Taken

Subjective and Objective Physical Examination before customizing for correct types of massage


Time taken: Est.10-15 minutes

Understand clients needs.



Time taken: Est.1-5 minutes

Techniques Clinical massage techniques:  – Trigger point release- Myofascial release- Muscle energy- Deep friction massage – Joint mobilizations – Manipulations – Craniosacral therapy – Sports massage – Orthopedic massage   May add in physiotherapy treatment techniques to speed up recovery Relaxation massages like: – Swedish massage-Aromatherapy massage- Deep relaxation massage- Body massage – Hot stone massage – Mud massage – Balinese massage – Thai massage – Shiatsu – Stress Relief massage – Reflexology
Training & Experiences Advanced medical training in diplomas or degrees, with knowledge: – Physiotherapy- Orthopedics assessment and treatments available- Medical conditions/ pathology Basic massage course certifications
Prices  Payment Affordable range $120 onwards, depending on severity of condition & duration required

May be insurance claimable

Wide range from $50- $600


Self payment


At heal360 Physioclinic, our massage therapist will perform a quick assess your condition before implementing a effective clinical massage.