Testimonials for Clinic Manager – Yamuna Ganesan


Before coming to Physioclinic, My leg pain was so worst. I had his pain since 3 years. Here, I had very good treatment & hopefulness. My Therapist Yamuna did a very good & favourable treatment for me in a friendly manner. I thank her. I was pleased by all the treatment which was given to me. I said my friend & family member that I got a great relieve from my problem. I recommended my friend too about the Physioclinic. I thanks the staff Yamuna for der work and sincerity which she payer on me to improve my pain and reduce.



My mom-in-law has her hand in pain for the last few months. She also cannot move her hands. She was diagnosed as having trigger fingers. After one session for 1.5 hour, she immediately felt much better, her hand could move and not so pain anymore. She was so happy and suddenly felt optimistic. After 2nd session, her hand felt as if completely recovered. She completed 3 sessions altogether. I was very pleased with the friendly therapist and she explain the course of treatment thoroughly. Her name is Yamuna Ganesan. She did not over promise, being reasonable and she fulfilled.

Behalf of Lim Tjuk Tjhiang, Tourist


I came to the clinic with the severe of pain. Yamuna treats me very well and easily pinpoint the problem.  After one session, I already felt better. It was very good. I am more grateful to her. Now I am back to my normal life. The treatment I got from Yamuna was very professional and effective. If there is someone from my family or friends have suffering from pain, I will strongly recommend them to come and get recover faster.  I am really grateful for the received treatment.

Gloriz Fuentez, Assistant PI /A star


I came into Physioclinic with injury, but after a few sessions the pain I had depleted quickly. The quick healing process allowed me to instantly be ready for sport again. Having been my first experience for therapy, I now know how the basic mechanic work and I could not have thought of a better place to my first treatment. The friendliness of the therapist  including my physio Yamuna make me feel instantly comfortable at  the clinic. The professional approach, basic and effective healing methods all made me have a positive opinion on the Physioclinic. The friendly chats with Yamuna during treatment assured I was never bored, and the quiet , comfortable rooms instantly relaxed me for the treatment.

If you are looking for friendly service , quick healing, good advice and on overall great physio go to Physioclinic !! The room are very cosy and comfortable  and the physiotherapy techniques are all very useful and interesting. All staffs are friendly and place looks very nice, relaxed and  soothing feel created by the surroundings.

James M’ghie, Student                                                                                    

Physioclinic has help reduce the pain, I felt when I used to get after sitting down for prolonged period of time. The exercise and stretches I learnt also helped me relieve the tension in the muscles. Yamuna is a friendly therapist. She is professional in what are does and was able to pin-point what was exactly wrong/What caused my lower back and hip ache. She was able to help me clear misconceptions too. The treatment were very good and is reasonably priced as compared to other Physio clinics out there.

Juliana Goh Si Hui, NTU Student


Physioclinic has helped me decrease pain and quality of life. Yamuna is extremely professional and helpful. Providing guidance besides treatment on how I can maintain and improve my condition. She has really given me my life back!

Yamuna is highly recommended as your therapist as she really cares about your improvement and will help in any way possible for you to be better. Her empathy will ensure that your concerns are heard and understood .Yamuna is an asset to Physioclinic.

Stephanie Yong, NHR


Quicker recovery, back to running faster. Better mobility. Pain relief. Do it if

you want to get a proper assessment, repair and conditioning quicker than by

other means. Yamuna timely, communicative, friendly and professional.

Gregory Brooks, Director/Amida


Physio has helped me become more active and fit again, making my muscles stronger. If in doubt, see Yamuna! Speedy recovery and strengthening exercises.

Prabhu Chandramohan


Helped arrest my plantar fasciitis problem quickly and efficiently. Chit-chatting with Yamuna, the friendly therapist, helps distract from the mild pain of the treatment. Thanks Yamuna .

Mr Lim


Yamuna helped my son recover from his hamstring injury very quickly. After just one session he felt so much better.

The therapy helps to relieve pain, as well as teaches you the correct exercises to be done for certain areas.

Yamuna not only concentrated on his problem areas, she also helped my son to re-learn walking properly.

Yamuna is knowledgeable, friendly and puts my son at ease

Bryan’s mother, Mrs Tan



I felt my condition had improved from the start I came.

Yamuna is very friendly and she is very concerned about my problem. She patiently coaches me throughout my treatment and put me at ease.

My pain had been relieved and I have reduced in taking medication.

I will recommend to my friends to seek therapy from Physioclinic if they have any pain problem.


Thomas Clinic & Surgery


Therapy reduces pain on my hand and I can play games without braces.

I am very pleased that I have no more pain when playing golf. I have learnt from Yamuna some new useful exercises that prepare the body for sports.

I would recommend my friends to consult a therapist whenever they feel pain in their muscles and joints.

Eric J P Ng

Management Consultant


Yamuna, has built up confidence of my mother-in law in her physical movement without additional help of a walking aid.

Yamuna has good patience with old person, encouraging her and also knows how to deal with her.

Joyce Chan

(Daughter in law)


I suffered from facial palsy.
Before therapy, my face was different. And now after the treatment, I can see my face has been recovered like which was earlier.

I would recommend to a friend who has problems, to see Physioclinic. This is the best method of treatment for recovery.

Also, I am very pleased by the way I was treated by my therapist, Ms Yamuna Ganesan.

Joel Yuvaraj



Therapy has lightened up the importance of stretching before and after exercise.

Yamuna taught me different exercises to improve my weakness.

She was really patient with me, the back student.

I would tell my friends to visit Yamuna at Physioclinic and she can help you out not leaving problems in the future. Yamuna is waiting for you.

Fabio Panser



I can now move my arm with a lot more range since my accident. Yamuna’s treatment has allowed me to improve my range of movement after each session.

I am pleased that I have been given exercises to follow at home. I had very clear instructions as to what was going to happen in terms of the process and recovery period. I have improved a lot.

Physioclinic time’s slots and hours open are flexible.

Yamuna has a very friendly and happy disposition throughout my treatment.


Overseas Family School Teacher


80% of my life has improved after coming to Physioclinic.

Before I come to Physioclinic, I used to have aching at back and sometimes difficulty in breathing at night and can’t sleep well. But now I am free from everything.

Yamuna is not only concern about my condition; she also looks at what we are really having problems with. She is very knowledgeable and well experienced.

I’ll definitely recommend Physioclinic because after doing therapy with Yamuna, I feel so much better.




Therapy has improved my physical mobility and body posture.

Physioclinic has good form of therapy for those who have lower back problems.

Yamuna has taught me various useful techniques that are easy to remember and yet effective. She is also patience.

Job well done!

Leong Yin Chiew, Shawn



I am stronger and feel better. My ankle used to swell after a run but now I am able to run in comfort.

I have learnt since that Therapy is not only about recovery but it is also about getting stronger and healthier physically and mentally.

I am actually encouraging my friends and colleagues who have been inactive to call Yamuna. Try it!

Yamuna has also given me specialized and step by step programme, and confidence to head back to the gym.

Thank you, Yamuna!

Dayangku Nuurul

Teacher, MOE


My life has improved > 80% after coming to Physioclinic. My pain had greatly reduced. I have recommended my sister and her friends to Yamuna and they feel much better too.

Yamuna really cares and concern about my problem. She is very knowledgeable and teaches me a lot of exercises.

I will advise everyone to go to Physioclinic and I can guarantee 95% that they will be cure.




I came from Indonesia to Singapore for treatment of jaw pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

I saw improvement in my condition. It has been very helpful to have Yamuna treat me. She gave me trigger point massage and shows me all exercises that I need to do. She is very good in what she is doing and friendly.

I would recommend to my friends.


IT analyst


I have a bad injury on my spine and doctor says I maybe paralysis. I was sad that I am unable to walk and bedridden when my therapist, Yamuna, came for the first time.

I have so much improvement and now I am able to walk using crutches. She has helped me alot and improved my qualify of life.

Yamuna has done a very good job and taught me many exercises that made me walk again.

Thank you Yamuna and Physioclinic.

Karna, Steel Filter


I played tennis on weekly basis. Unfortunately, I strained my lower back at last game. Could not bend my back and struggled to get out of bed. Thought was serious back injury. Fortunately, I was diagnosed as muscle strain and compressed nerve.

I would advise my friends to check with doctor if injury is serious and warrant medical treatment. If not, Physioclinic will be the right place for strained muscle or non-surgical required sport injury.

Yamuna is patient and give instructions at a comfortable pace.

Cheong Yew Meng


Therapy has helped me more aware of my posture, realized the importance of stretching, relieve pain.

Yamuna has given excellent treatment for my neck and shoulder pain.

I will recommend treatment at Physioclinic.

Fuyuka Nakano


I was in alot of pain once from inflamed neck muscles. Yamuna helped cure that so I can still go to work the next day.

Advice to all: Seek professional therapy at Physioclinic before problems become permanent.

Nuttawan Supapong, Banking Analyst


I understood better the specific exercises needed to overcome/prevent my condition. Very good pain relief methods, fast and effective.

Very knowledgeable and patient staff, Yamuna.

Leong Mun Yi, Procurement, Mining services


Yamuna has guided me in an excellent way. At the start of the treatment, I could hardly walk. Now, I can run 15km!

Good service, accurate diagnosis, right treatment from Yamuna.

I have already recommended Yamuna to a couple of friends.

Thanks to Yamuna, I will be able to go for the half marathon on May!

Anja Aspelund


Before I started treatment, I had a lot of aches and pain from the workout I did at gym and a pre-existing knee injury from the army. With the help from Yamuna, these pains have subsided tremendously.

The professionalism of Physioclinic staff have helped alleviate the pain when you first step into the place. The pre-existing aliments have subsided significantly, I  can resume my pre-injury workout with less pain.

I will recommend anyone who has any pain to come here to improve their lifestyle and health.

Samuel Lai, Audio Designer/ Petal Productions


Undergoing therapy has indeed shortened my recovery process and allows me to resume my usual lifesyle.

The service provided by the therapist, Yamuna, was great!

In terms of the treatment, the ‘gel like’ heat treatment was very effective in relieving the pain.

Physioclinic is very professional and expedite my recovery!

Eddie Kee Boon Leong


Physioclinic makes the pain at my ankle go away really fast in such a short period of time. And that I can go back to dance fully.

The treatment is very relaxing. The staffs are very nice. Yamuna is very friendly and gives me good suggestions about the injury.

Physioclinic is amazing! I like how this place helps me so much & that I don’t have to go see the doctor & always have to hear him say I must stop dancing!

Lalita Jantaro, Dancer from Thailand


Therapy took the aching pain on my neck after my accident. The Professionalism of the staff and therapist, Yamuna was superb.

If any family/friend has a need for therapy.I would recommend them to this clinic!

Thanks for your good service wish you success!

Orlando H Scully, Driver


I first came having groin pain, which changed dramatically and enabled me to walk around without any pain. However, at the time I was almost cured, my lower back pain which I have had for since 15 years came back and caused me to come a bit longer. During these period, Yamuna has helped me a lot to stay positive. I have already recommended this clinic to a friend of my colleagues, not only for the physical cure, but also to have a good support mentally.

This place gives you cure in+out  /body+mind, which is very helpful when your physical condition is not good.

Despite having physical pain, I really enjoyed coming here. Which means that I have a good hideout even in my muscle condition, which gives me strength to go back and enjoy an athletic life.

Masato Suzuki, Apple


Physioclinic has helped me to reduce and remove my pain. The proficiency of my therapist and trainer, Yamuna and the course of treatment have pleased me most and I would definitely recommend it to my friends or family members in need.

Hitendra Jain


I came to Singapore with neck pain and it got worst. I visited Yamuna and she relieved the pain, in two visits I feel much better. Yamuna is knowledgeable and kind. I would strongly suggest my friend/family member come here to alleviate pain!

Jennifer Beightley


Yamuna (my therapist) has managed to reduce my tailbone pain significantly. It’s no longer tender/painful to sit on a flat surface for a long time. The therapists were friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend Physioclinic for anyone suffering any aches/pain on their body, especially if it restricts mobility.

Joyce Housien, FXS


I had tennis elbow on my right arm. Yamuna was knowledgeable about my problem and was gentle in executing treatment. Although the therapy was at times painful, she put me at ease by engaging me in conversations. She gave me back my arm and I am happy! Also, the reception staff was very helpful and cheerful. Thank you all!

Emily Wong


Physioclinic has helped me get back to doing sports very quickly. Injuries happen occasionally when I do sports and it is reassuring to know that the injuries can be treated quickly and effectively in Physioclinic. Yamuna has been very friendly and when my ankle problem was not improving, she quickly suggested that I undergo ESWT to quicken the healing process, rather than to face 2-3 months of ultrasound which may not be as effective ultimately. There was no hard-selling, just presentation of facts and assurance of results. Physioclinic has an extensive range of treatment
options that I haven’t seen in with other physiotherapy

options, such as the ESWT. This gives Physioclinic an edge over other wellness clinics.

Alvin Lin, engineer