Joann was a wonderful therapist who helped me recover and heal from injuries following car accident. Thank you for all the treatments and concern you showed throughout all the sessions. I felt better each sessions physically and mentally as well BIG thank you 😉

Lindsay Eun Young Chung, Executive Marketing Manager


I have been to many physios over the years and must say that Physioclinic’s ability to diagnose my injury was superb. My plantar fasciitis injury improved almost immediately after the first treatment which allowed me to start walking without much pain. The friendly staff and the love in the way they do about their work ensuring that their patients cure, cared for properly. In particular my therapist Jo Ann, who constantly reminded me on what I need to do to improve to running and play soccer again. Physioclinic is definitely a place to go to treat any injury as they have a systematic programme to ensure that you are back to your best in the shortest period of time. Jo Ann treatment of my plantar injury has now allowed to play football again after only 4 sessions, a desparatego to person for any injury!!!



The pain in my back has subsided after my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I am pleased with the initial consultation done by Michelle to understand my problem, and attention given by the therapist Joann, who was very good. I would refer them and Physioclinic to my friend and family if they need physiotherapy.



Physioclinic has improved the condition of my knee and relieved the pain that I used to have during daily activities after my surgery. They helped to condition and prepare me to resume sporting activities. During my course of treatment at Physioclinic, the physios here always very friendly and patient. They were always ready to help and answer all my questions.



Physioclinichelped to improve my life and solve my back pain. During my course of treatment at Physioclinic, the therapist JoAnn teach me the exercise for my back and help me to make it walkable and sit. I would recommend Physioclinic to my friend and family because they provided good treatment and is good to do physiotherapy here if you had any injury.



After my course of treatment at Physiocinic, my condition was 90% improved. I am pleased with the treatment at Physioclinicand the staff here are kind, patient and friendly. I would suggest my friend and family members if they got bone/neck problem to go to Physioclinic.


Physioclinic has improved my life, the professionalism and patient of physiotherapist has pleased me most during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. Would definitely recommend Physioclinic to my friends and family.



I had an arm paralyzed because of a radial nerve affection and as I was a foreigner needed to go back home after few months. Your team provided a very good work and made me recover my hand movements in the given time, and gave me advises for the time after this therapy.



Helped me relieved my stressed muscles and body aches. Very nice therapist, Jo Ann answer my questions and give me advises what to do and how to solve my problem next time.

I definitely recommend my friend to come in Physioclinic and look for my therapist

Dawn Uptown, Designer


Got knee pain and my therapist resolved in 2 sessions only. Very impressive. Now can do my yoga and pilates without pain and discomfort.

Joan explained everything I need to know , why I got the knee pain problem, how the treatment would be and exercises and precautions I need to do at home.

Will convince my husband to come here.

Segal Chhaya, Housemaker


Jo Ann helped me to reduce inflammation on my knee in preparation for my operation in June.

She is really kind and her patience is great !!! Always make sure I’m not in pain while she treating me.

I will go back here to continue my therapy after operation

Alfian, Proj. Manager


Increased my stamina

Less pain , more endurance

Can run 30% increased than last time

Very good physiotherapist

Thanks to you Joanne

Will spread the good news !!!

Anand Ramachandran, Banker