Physioclinic has help me to discover ways to improve the flexibility of my body, cure my body joints and muscle pain. This improves tremendously of my working life quality and my health. The thoroughness of the staff in assessment of my body condition plus the professionalism and care shown bring me the most encouragement to have treatment and therapy session without stoppage. The improvement and experience is first encouraging and satisfied. To my friends and family, proper physiotherapy by professional and caring staff by Physioclinic is worth and well deserved by those who cares for own health and to receive treatment for body pain. Give ourselves a chance to experience the recovery process from pain. Much appreciate the help from Ann and Michelle, a big thank you to you!



Physioclinic is a good place to treat strained muscle. My therapist Ann is very patient during my course of treatment and its help my muscle to relax.


Physioclinic has helping me improving on my daily posture and my therapist Ann is good and professional. I will recommend Physioclinic to my friends and family member.


Physioclinic has improved my life and the treatment has reduced my pain for the affected area. The service and quality of the treatment has pleased me most during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I would recommend my friends and family member to come here for treatment.


I have been with the clinic for quite sometime and Ann has always been very attentive and caring. A dedicated and patient therapist. Will definitely recommend her.

Trina Lim


Therapist Ann has help me to improve the function of my knee pre and post-surgery. Her attentive care and the treatment programme has helped to relieve pain and anxiety.My therapist Ann often reassured me that with proper physiotherapy and exercises I will recover from my knee injury. I am often encouraged by her. Ann is a dedicated, caring therapist, attentive and has excellent care towards her patient. I am very happy to be under her care.




Physioclinic has better manage my pain and discomfort. My therapist Ann is extremely patient and takes her time to listen and treat accordingly. I would like to share to my friends and family that physiotherapy can help improve your pain and managing of your pain situation. Physioclinic has good ambience and is comfortable. Ann is always very cheerful and willing to listen to my pain issues.




I felt less pain after my treatment at Physioclinic. They taught me exercises for my back and it helps to make my back stronger. I will recommendPhysioclinic to my friends and family if they have the back pain problem.



Physioclinic improved my life by lessen the strain and shoulder pain. The consistent improvement from each treatment pleased me the most in my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I will recommend Physioclinic to my friends and family to consult at Physioclinic if they experience similar issue.



Ann has attended me for many weeks, when I had my first problem with my back and then with my shoulder, the treatment was excellent and very professional. The sessions resolved my problems definitively. I am pleased with the professionalism, the high capacity to understand my problems, the knowledge of body and treatment for in and out at least the kind way to attend me.

I have also recommended Physioclinic to friends and colleagues and would do this in the future. I am very grateful for the treatment and I would like to underline the professionalism and human capacities of Ann.



Less frequent numbness in my arm and less frequent headaches especially at the back of my head that’s how Physioclinic improved my life. The therapists are very helpful in the course of my treatment. I would tell my friends and family member to give Physioclinic a try if something is bothering you. Physically especially.




I came to Physioclinic with a bad tennis elbow. I am now much stronger and able to do better work with my right hand. I am pleased with the care and knowledge that goes into the treatment when I am in Phjysioclinic. I would recommend my friends and family to come to Physioclinic. I would like to thank the staff at physioclinic for all their help



The pain in my shoulder is gone and my whole back feels much more relaxed. The sessions were also very soothing in general. The treatment that has pleased me most is the stimulating patch!! They were so relaxing, I practically fell asleep every time they were on. It was great finding physioclinic, I will tell my friend and family to go to Physioclinic.




I feel much better after my 3rd sessions of Physio Therapy from Physioclinic. The staff here are friendly. Location is very convenient too.



Physioclinic has helps my relief the tightness of the muscle due to my scoliosis. The relief feeling of alleviating my tightness of my muscles and the nice staffs pleased me the most during the course of my treatment in Phyioclinic. I will tell my friends and family that if you have muscle issues that you can’t seem to fix, can give Physioclinic a try!



Genuine concern for welfare of customers. Not pushing packages.

Exercises and treatment worked for me. Physiotherapists are skilled and approachable.



Physioclinic helped me with tremendous flexibility in muscles and got back the elasticity. I was stiffening from bad spine, neck and headache issues which are resolved by 80% from the sessions and guidance provided by the clinic.

Regular diagnosis and working on the issue lately has pleased me the most during the course of my treatment in Phyioclinic. I like the calm environment and flexibility in take up appointment and given to the patients.

I would definitely say that this clinic has helped to get back smile and mobility in life back and now my pain is reduced by high percentage. Also I would say to definitely come and consult the clinic in terms of fast recovery.

I am glad to meet friendly staff and I am happy that my therapist supported me a lot.



It has helped to reduce the pain in my wrist and provided me knowledge how to perform certain exercises to address the affected area.

The therapist provided excellent services, on time and a listening ear which has pleased me most during my course of treatment at Physioclinic.

I would say to my friend and family member that if any pain issue can come to Physioclinic to seek for treatment.



Physioclinic has improved my life and I’ve learned how to handle certain muscles that are weak due to injury. The treatment is effective and was useful I helping me recover from my injury.