I recently visited this clinic for my 2nd series of treatments. The first time was many years ago and for the same issue – low back pain. This time treatment was with Chloe and once again great help and advice to get rid of the problem. Great that they mix machines as well as manual methods to cure the problem.

Ben Wilkes


Initially, I decided to visit physio clinic because of severe pain in my upper back after lifting weights in gym, I also experience breathlessness at times and have difficulty in lifting my arms. I thought it was a strain. My therapist, Chloe has helped me to understand the roots of my problems, which is a deviation of my spine causing the muscle imbalance and work on my weak muscles. She’s patient in understanding my condition and explain what is actually happening with my back. I felt more relieved and my breathlessness has completely gone after a few sessions, thank you!

Nikolai Talanov


The whole session has been very beneficial to me. I have recovered from my pain and discomfort. Thanks alot to Chloe for her great assistance rendered😉

Shamini Manoharan


I’ve been very happy with my experience with Physioclinic. Chloe have been very engaged with my care, have always explained very clearly what the problems I’m experiencing are, and why, and I have seen marked improvement over time by following their advice.

Yin Yeap


The staff at the clinic are friendly and professional. Chloe introduced me to a range of exercises to help rehabilitate my sprained ankle.

Kai Lin


Dear Physioclinic, as the saying goes ‘Health is Wealth’. Nobody will understand what it feels like to wake up each  morning in pain and how miserable that makes me. Thanks so much for helping me find relief! That, to me, is worth a million bucks! Cheers, ETHAN


Physioclinic has helped me get back on my feet so I can walk again. The treatments show quick results and the staff were friendly. I would recommend Physioclinic to any friend and family member.



Physioclinic has improved and stop the pain. Physioclinic also give clear instruction on exercises and very knowledgeable. The therapist  is friendly and very experience and detail in explaining. I would recommend to my friends and family to come here if they need one. Physioclinic has good and friendly staff.



Physioclinic improved my life by improving my strength and pain reduction. I am pleased with their timely reminders and friendliness. Physioclinic is reliable.



Physioclinic helped to get rid of my back pain and improving my life. The positive attitude of my therapist have pleased me most during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. To my friends and family, physiotherapy is good, should get regular sessions.



Physioclinic has improving my life with muscle recovery and pain relief. I would recommend my neighbour with shoulder pain to visit Physioclinic.



The training I received not only helped alleviate my injury but also improved my natural posture and stance. I am pleased with the professional quality of treatment at Physioclinic. My trainer has a sense of humour. I would highly recommended Physioclinic to my friends and family.



Physioclinic helped me to be able to know my pain points which I didn’t know previously. I am pleased with the ultrasound therapy during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. After my course of treatment at Physioclinic, I am able to walk more and more normally. Physioclinic has great services and friendly staff. Come to Physioclinic for improvement of pain as they try their best to treat and provide targeted treatment.



It has greatly reduced my back pain and heel pain as well as the stiffness in my entire back. This has allowed me to return to my hobbies and work pain free. I am very pleased with the knowledge, skill and attentiveness of the staff at Physioclinic. Do not waste time with painkillers and joint manipulation, go to Physioclinic.

Dr. Jaspreet Singh Sangaa Brar


When I come for treatment, the therapist gave a very patient hearing, very cordial in listening my problem. I have fascial palsy, my treatment, they commenced with positive approach which gave confidence, very punctual, very systematic, very friendly. I miss them a lot. All were very friendly. They taught me exercise to practise regularly. I followed instructions, and within the span of a week’s time, I could see a lot of improvement. After 20 sittings, I regained my original looks, which brought back my confidence. I would recommend to friends and relative in cases they require any physio treatment. My treatment was just superb, very cordial, friendly and reasonable. I wish all the best and thanks for all the concern shown to me.



Physioclinic has made my life back to normal. Every session I saw improvement to my knee pain. I would recommend my family and friends to try physio to avoid surgery. And I want to especially thank my therapist

Katherine Koh


Chloe has helped me understand my condition and how to overcome the pain and mobility. I am pleased with the understanding of my condition and the knowledge, expertise and experience of my therapist. If there is pain, don’t ignore it, it will get worse. She has been a great therapist in sharing her knowledge and explaining my condition as well as treating the source of my pain.

Rick Yeoh


It made me aware of regular exercise is important throughout our life journey. I have learned the correct posture and gained better control of my body and know to relax my body.

Christie Phang