I had hand, wrist & elbow injuries due to an awkward fall during BJJ a few months ago. I have to give thanks to Jeffrey, who was actively listening and showing empathy right from the first session, allowing me to describe in details. It was something which did not really happened with the doctors (major frustrations there).
Jeffrey was very clear to explain the steps he was going to take to address the issues and was very informative on why or what caused the pain(s). At the end of the first session, to my surprise and happiness, I was able to bend my elbow with more range of motion.
Been through 8 sessions already, and every session definitely ended with some progression and prescribed exercises to do at home. I feel at ease throughout each session knowing that I am in good hands. It also helps that Jeffrey is friendly and enjoys cracking jokes too. *thumbs up*

Nur Ram


Physioclinic has got me better in my leg injury and I was able to whatever I want and have more fun in my life. My therapist is a well rounded guy and he encouraged me throughtout this whole journey. If you have a physical problem, you should definitely come to this clinic.

Arkar Myo Kyan’ 


Initially, I was suffering with wrist pain and I sought various medical treatment, but to no avail. Having chanced upon Physioclinic while surfing the net, it has managed to identify the root of my wrist pain to now I am able to carry on with my lifestyle and I am grateful for Physioclinic. My therapist is not just cheerful and friendly, but he also manages to take time and personally explain the rehab exercises to me, this has greatly facilitated my recovery.



Physioclinic helped to improve my mobility and strength, as well as pain relief. I am pleased with the personal attention and effective treatment/exercise during my course of treatment at Physioclinic. I would recommend Physioclinic to my friend and family, it is a well worth investment and for long term health.



My lower back has stopped aching totally. I am more aware of my posture on sitting and standing. And the advice provided has been valuable. Communication with the therapist was very easy and my condition was diagnosed very quickly as well. I would recommend Physioclinic to my friend and family.



I can feel more relaxed and reduced pain after my ten session of treatment at Physioclinic. My therapist make the sessions easy going and enjoyable. Yes, I would recommend Physioclinic to my friend and family, if they encounter pain, come and try out.