Fat loss, Lose Weight Fast, Exercise Program
Fat loss, Lose Weight Fast, Exercise Program


Obesity and overweight is a major risk factor for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnoea, chronic back pain and osteoarthritis knee.   

Fighting obesity can be difficult not only physically, but psychologically as well. Failed attempts at losing weight can wear you down and affect your self esteem. If you have tried exercises, dieting and failed to lose weight, it is likely that you will need help in breaking the patterns that run your life.  

Lose weight may be also losing your muscle mass. So, make sure you lose the fats fast and not lose your muscle mass. 

Common Causes of Obesity or Overweight:

– Genetics  

– Diet/ Food intake consisting too much fats  

– Hormonal Changes  

– Inactivity or lack of exercises  

– Medical problems  

How can Physiotherapy Treatment help in Obesity or Overweight?

The aims of physiotherapy in obesity are to control the rate of weight gain or lose weight, burn fats, increase physical activity and reduce sedentary lifestyle behaviours.   

At the start of the physiotherapy programme, a comprehensive assessment on individual lifestyle, diet, body weight measurement is done. Followed by an initial exercise testing. The physiotherapist then recommends physical exercises and diet planning. The client is encouraged to keep an exercise diary to keep track of his/her progress. Family or peer support is vital to ensure success of the weight loss program.  

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