The terms and conditions stated below (“Terms and Conditions”) must be accepted and agreed by every client of heal360 (“client/(s)”). By making a appointment at heal360, the clients are deemed to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions. heal360 reserves its right to change, amend, add or delete any of the Terms and Conditions without prior notice and the clients shall be bound by such changes.



  • The Client shall provide the Company with full cooperation and such information concerning the Indemnity declaration form, health conditions, allergies and agreed to accept after treatment effect which may occurred. The clients’ health conditions and all related records and such other information and cooperation which the Company may deem necessary and may reasonably request, in order to enable the Company to perform the Services.


  • The Client shall clarify the cause and after effect of treatments as advice and provided by heal360 before proceed with any treatment.


  • The Client shall remove all items and articles of value and of importance during the term of services and store in areas designated by the Company to avoid any subsequent dispute arising from the loss or misplacement of such items or articles. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or misplacement of any such items and articles.


  • Our staff retains the right to terminate services at any time for inappropriate conduct from the client. This includes but is not limited to inappropriate touching, vulgar language, harassment or intoxication on the part of the client. If a service is terminated no refund will be paid to the client.



We shall treat all personal and business information supplied by you as confidential. We shall not disclose such information to any third party without your prior permission, except where required by law or where action might be necessary to protect you or someone else.



It is not possible that any particular result or outcome can be guaranteed as a result of us providing the Services. Our aim is to provide the Services using reasonable care and skill. Some client’s conditions may take longer than others to treat and we will regularly reassess the treatment plan.




All products sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


Service(s) that has already commenced or have been completely rendered are non-refundable and non-exchangeable . Clients may request for a different therapist (subject to availability) within the first 10 minutes of their session if they are unsatisfactory and the session will end at the same scheduled time.

Pre-paid sessions purchased has validity of 12 months, and non-transferable and non refundable.


Exclusion of Liability

All employees, manager, directors of this Practice shall not be liable for, nor shall they accept any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage howsoever sustained by any person or persons arising out of any of the treatments or procedures delivered in this Practice or in any way whatsoever which does not arise from any negligent act or omission of the Practice Director and employees.



Any dispute can be reported to heal360 management for resolution through email or contact us at 62244178.

The Company reserved the right to pursue against defamation, threat, or harassment from client in any forms which directly and/ or indirectly causes loss to the Company’s interest and reputation.



Please note that heal360 may change these  T& C from time to time by updating this page.  Please check this page regularly to ensure that you are comfortable with any changes.