Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic disability. There is no cure for most forms of arthritis. Most doctors refer their patients to physiotherapists for arthritis rehabilitation.

Different Stages of Arthritis:

Early stages – Joint pain, inflammation and stiffness. Reduced muscle strength.
  • Our goal is to reduce pain and inflammation, improve your joint range of motion and muscle strength. Education to prevent further joint damage and operation.

Later stages – Joint is severely damaged, structural deformity, weakness, difficulty walking

  • Our rehab therapist will focus on managing your pain and lifestyle management.

Post operation – Post operative pain, limited movement, muscle weakness, limited walking ability

  • Our arthritis rehabilitation program will involve managing your symptoms, exercise, and return to active lifestyle

Physiotherapist’s recommendations: How to manage arthritis?

  • Always ‘respect pain’ – do not keep ignoring the discomfort
  • Avoid overstressing joints – use proper body mechanics
  • Avoid jerky or sudden movements when possible
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Use splints or walking aids if necessary
  • Never overdo activity or exercise

heal360 Physioclinic – Arthritis Care and Prevention Program

At Physioclinic, our rehabilitation therapists will design a  personalized  program with components:

1) Education: Understanding on arthritis, activity pacing modifications, lifestyle management

2) Pain Treatments: Reduce pain and inflammation

3) Exercise Therapy: Improve flexibility and strength

Rehabilitation requires patience. It takes time to strengthen your movements and learn how to do familiar tasks in new ways.

Our Arthritis program is very effective in helping people dealing with their disabling symptoms and improving their quality of life.

With help from our therapists and special treatment equipment, the result will be speed up to a greatly improved quality of life.