Suffering from neck pain, stiff shoulders and back pain due to poor work habits?

Work related musculoskeletal pain disorders can be prevented through understanding how to fit work to your body.

This correct ergonomic design is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries without placing excessive strain on any one part of the body as well as limiting fatigue, stress, discomfort and injury. This allows optimum human performance in the workplace. Ergonomics ensures good occupational health and safety to optimise performance and productivity.

Physioclinic is a listed service provider under Health Promotion Board (HPB) Health Promotion Board Singapore

We actively promote workplace health programs. As we are qualified physiotherapists, our area of expertise lies largely in physical well-being, ergonomics programs and workshops.

physiotherapy ergonomics and posture at workplace
physiotherapy ergonomics and posture at workplace

What the Physioclinic Ergonomic Program does:

1) Help individuals identify health risk factors in the workplace environment, workstation at which they work and how they perform work

2) Provide recommendations and suggestions to eliminate or minimise ergonomics risks and hazards

3) Reduce work related musculoskeletal pain disorders, such as neck pain, stiff shoulders, back pain.

4) Prevention pain and workplace injuries, flag up potential future problems before they arise.

Physioclinic provides ergonomic programs for all types of workstation across all industries (SME and MNCs).

We commonly provide assessments, recommendations and reports for the following types of workstations:

  • Office Ergonomics– Deals with office environment: Computer work, Telephone Operative, Paperworks
  • Factory Ergonomics – Production Line, Manual work, packing, lifting
  • Food industries Ergonomics – cook, waitress, waiter
  • Housekeeping Ergonomics

Correct working habits will prevent a lot of unnecessary work-related pain.

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