Trying to improve your golf handicap?Skeleton with Semi-Transparent Muscles - Golf Swing

Suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain or heel pain during golf?

Looking for more power in your swing?

Do you want to improve your performance- hit the ball longer? Play with a more consistent swing?

The perfect golf swing is something that many golfers aspire to achieve.  However, to attain this perfect swing you require the perfect body – and the perfect body is something most golfers don’t have. Many golfers even suffer from low back ache, golfer elbow, tennis elbow, rotator cuff and wrist injuries.

Also, some golfers purchase fancy and expensive equipment with the hopes of improving their game or keep hitting the balls when in fact many times it is their physical health or fitness ability that is affecting their score- pain, posture, trunk stability, flexibility, muscle imbalance, weakness, stiffness, and poor agility/coordination.


Physioclinic offers golf smart program which incorporates the most up-to-date scientific knowledge in the assessment and treatment of golf injuries and golf injury prevention.

GOALS for Golf SMART Program

This program is suitable for all ages, beginners to advanced, whether if you are new to golf or you are competitive golfer. With regular conditioning, improvement in technique, warm ups and structured practice, the improvements in a golfer’s performance and reduction in injuries can be significant. Our therapists can help you with this as well as provide you with effective treatment should you suffer with any injuries.

–          Improve your swing control

–          Increase your flexibility, strength

–          Increase power, balance, control and coordination

–          Improve golf posture & performance

–          Beat your mates!

Golf SMART program

Our physiotherapists have designed a GOLF program just for you:

–          Golf Screening

Posture Analysis & Posture Correction to improve golf swing. Screening to identify any physical limitations in your body that may be causing or worsening your swing problems such as old injury, muscle inflexibility/weakness/imbalances, joint stiffness

–          Golfers Rehabilitation for Pain/Injury

Fast return to golf- Accurate diagnosis and treatment of existing pain/injuries and physical limitations to get you back to golfing quick.

–          Golfers Muscle Stretch

Enhance Recovery- quick loosening of tight muscles, prevention delayed onset of muscle soreness, clear lactic acid/waste and release trigger points

–          Golfer’s Specific Strength and Conditioning exercises

Maximize your Golf Performance- improve your flexibility, strength, power, stability with customized golf exercises designed for all levels of golfers.

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Our Testimonials:

Physiotherapy reduces pain on my hand and I can play games without braces. I am very pleased that I have no more pain when playing golf. I have learnt from Yamuna some new useful exercises that prepare the body for sports.I would recommend my friends to consult a physiotherapist whenever they feel pain in their muscles and joints.

Eric J P Ng, Management Consultant

I do not have this recurring pain for the last 5 weeks since the physiotherapy I received from you. I must say I was skeptical before the session with you. As the last time I saw a physiotherapist in a ‘government hospital 3 years ago, I don’t have the same relief experience. On top of this relief I found, I am grateful for your tips on warming specifically for muscles used in Golf to allay any golf related injury. The last 3 weeks I participated in 2 golf tournaments and both of them I came in 2nd position. With the pain gone I am more confident in executing my golf swing thus I can enjoy my golf even better not to mention winning kudos. Is not about winning tournaments; but having a relief from pain that is somehow a great reward itself!!!

Thanks again; I would not hesitate to vouch for your high level of professionalism in the area of physiotherapy.

Anthony Lee, Manager